Saturday, September 29, 2012

Welcome to our apartment, Part 1

Front door and beautiful fall wreath, made by my mom

It's been awhile since I went that long without a post! Our apartment is nearly all set up now so today I'll show you a few pictures, and I will have more crafty stuff this coming week (plus, after the wedding, which is only EIGHT DAYS AWAY, a blogaversary giveaway because I missed it!). I'm so behind but I'll try to catch up! Sorry I haven't even been reading people's blogs. I've also been working full time for the first time and getting used to it, but I love it.

Our tiny but functional kitchen (with new floors!) Some of my fabric magnets are on the fridge :)  I'll show another picture soon (by the end of the month?) when I do curtains...

Tiny but functional bathroom (also with new floors). Our shower had literally no water pressure the first week (when I say literally none, I mean drip, drip, drip) and it was fixed finally, so now showers are fantastically awesome. Anyway, I love this shower curtain from Target because it reminds me of Ty Pennington's Impressions line. I could have made my own shower curtain but there just hasn't been time, especially with the wedding. That's a project for another day, and I love this one anyway! I did gray because it's really hard to match anything else in a very yellow bathroom, haha!

Sewing corner and desk! PROMISE I'll have neater pictures (I was/am still unpacking). Even since I took this picture a couple of days ago, things look neater.

 Organized my threads!! Woo! That's just about the only crafty thing I've been able to do, lol.

Back soon - probably tomorrow! We are loving our new place and I will also post more pictures as we get settled!


  1. Sorry you had no pressure in the shower--that stinks,but alas the waiting paid off to have it fixed;) Looks like you have a nice space for sewing too:):):):)

  2. Your apartment brings back memories of my first apartment after I got married! But I think yours is bigger and you have more stuff - our living room was empty...really, totally empty! Love the light coming in your window of your sewing area...just be careful your thread isn't in direct sun light and fades - that would not be a good thing!!! Have fun getting everything put away and the wedding!!! Oh, so many exciting changes!!! Enjoy every minute!!!

  3. Your apartment is wonderful!! Good for you guys. Congratulations!!

  4. Looking good. Glad you have a space for your quilting activities. Congratulations!

  5. Good to see you have your priorities straight by organising your threads a week before your wedding! LOL


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