Friday, September 14, 2012

Moving day is here!!

And this is JUST my quilting stuff, lol (those bins and the box on the table are a lot bigger than they look here!). This doesn't count all the finished quilts and WIPS, plus my laundry basket of batting, my cutting board, ruler, ironing board, and iron (which you can see in the back). It was SO strange to pack all this up. I know my mom is going to be glad to have her dining room and living room back :)

Woohoo! I'll likely be MIA for a few days this coming week as I get everything set up. This is our first place, so there's a lot to do, and now I'm working nearly full time. I promise I'll be back soon with pictures of my sewing space, more sewing of course, and wedding stuff!!


  1. Your mum may be glad of the space but let me assure you as mother who's been through it, she has some sense of loss as this part of your life draws to a close! She may even be a little emotional before or after the event -- I certainly was!

  2. Enjoy your new and first place, I will never forget mine!

  3. I am giddy for you Jess:):) The day is almost here for you to tie the knot!!!


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