Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crazy. week.

This week, I'm moving out (Saturday!), getting used to a temporary full time schedule, and oh, I have a demo lesson tomorrow that I found out about today. No big deal. Oh, and, ya know, the wedding is 3.5 weeks away.

I actually got a lot of sewing done this week but I can't show that quite yet! It's a Christmas gift :)However, I also FINALLY finished a t-shirt quilt for my best friend and maid of honor, Julie!

She gave me these shirts from high school a year ago (it's been a few years since high school!!) and we also had gone to pick out fabric then. I finally decided to just work on it once a lot of the wedding crafts were finished this summer! She wanted straight line quilting and I was happy to oblige, especially because my cheap FMQ foot broke again (I really just need a machine that can handle all my crazy quilting, haha - working on it). For those who will ask, I do NOT use stabilizer on my T-shirt quilts - I like them soft!

I'm in love with how cool the lines look! They weren't measured to be a certain distance apart.

Glad to be moving, but it's sad packing up all of my (almost) 23 years. It's especially sad packing up my quilting stuff because I LOVE monopolizing the dining room!

More soon.


  1. Lovely quilt you've made for your bride's maid. Your wedding is coming up fast. What is the date? Where will it be? It is all so exciting!

  2. Are you moving very far? I was devastated when my DD left home to get married and she only moved a couple of miles away! That looks like a lovely quilt - I'm sure your friend will love it.

  3. What a great quilt. Good luck with the move. Lots of exciting changes coming up soon. Enjoy!


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