Sunday, September 2, 2012

Straight line quilting

It's been a great weekend so far! I visited my friend Kristina, and I helped her baste and make binding for her first quilt :) I'm so proud of her! If she lets me, I'll post a picture of it here when she's done.

Tonight I'm quilting a t-shirt quilt for a friend in straight lines. I always find this kind of quilting relaxing, much unlike the frustration FMQ tends to bring me :)

I'm using painter's tape to make the lines. They would be closer but I know from experience that the material that makes up t-shirt words and logos is VERY difficult to sew through (I've actually made a hole in the fabric that way before - no good). Then, I'm going to reuse the tape and lay it down the other way, to make a random grid pattern.

How do you quilt straight lines? I'd love some other methods and tips that have worked for you!

I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner of the Blog Hop Giveaway! Meanwhile, tomorrow is the last day for 20% off your purchase of lanyards and key fobs in my Etsy store (use the code BLOGHOP9 - all purchases will be sent out this week!)


  1. TShirt quilts are difficult to quilt but glad to see you are making good progress. I just draw a straight line with tailors chalk. It easily washes off.

  2. I draw a line with my water soluble pen if necessary or use the guide that came with my machine!


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