Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wedding clutches!

This is the only picture I will post online of the clutches I am making my bridesmaids/maids of honor (and myself) for my very purple, fall wedding (THREE MONTHS!!!)!

I spent all day finishing them and I am soooo happy with the way they came out. I used one of my favorite tutorials from noodlehead.

In progress!

I need help, though! How would you suggest attaching little hand rolled flowers to the fronts? I don't think it will look good hand sewn. Hot glue...? Any suggestions? Here's a picture of my clutch (I don't have a problem showing you that because a) it's not a surprise for me and b) it's a bad quality night shot):

The next few days are beyond busy for me. I'm babysitting for ten hours tomorrow, and three hours on Tuesday, but then I'm heading to New York to see the show "Once" with my former professor and will hopefully celebrate a job offer! (*huge knock on wood*)
See you later in the week! Please leave suggestions for the flowers if you have any :)


  1. Hot glue them to those flat-backed safety pins, and then pin them on. Then your bridesmaids can remove them to wear on clothes/scarves/other bags. Yay!

  2. Congrats again! Im helping my sister plan for a purple themed wedding in Nov. Im making this bag in AMH Innocent crush for the bridesmaids, Im maid of honor as well as some jewelry.

    You could sew a pin back on but I would just sew it with a doubled thread catching the back of the flower and the top layer of fabric. Just stitch around the underside, pull tight and knot it off. You shouldn't see the stitches.

  3. You have made a great start. Enjoy yor busy week!

  4. pin back I agree Don't you love that purple rose print by Joel Dewberry!! I snatched some up recently too:)

  5. To me, the pin back idea is the perfect solution. That way, they could be removed to wear as a brooch. Or you could just use a large safety pin like a basting pin that is curved and everything would be easily removed and transferred. Good luck! The clutches are gorgeous already.

  6. I agreem the pin back idea is fantastic.Good luck at New York and have a fun babysitting!!

  7. The pin back is a good idea but for ease if it was me I would just hot glue them down. The bags are going to look great.


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