Friday, June 15, 2012

Quilty Habit #4: Rushing through the Quilting Process

Maybe it's because I grew up in and live in the northeast of the U.S. - notoriously affectionately known for our fast pace - or maybe it's because I'm an impatient person by nature, but every time I start a sewing project, I rush to get certain things done. Like, free motion quilting. It's really really really (really) hard for me to keep a steady, slow pace, which always makes my stitches uneven. I'm getting better though. I also tend to rush through the cutting process at times, which has unfortunately resorted in several finger/hand cuts (one especially serious one that I probably should have gotten stitches for) (never fear, I'm much more careful after that incident last summer).

I sound like a real fun person to be around, don't I? ;)

The point is, I rush. Especially to get a project done. When I'm more than excited to see the final outcome.

But really - today was a day to rush. I was trying to finish a bunch of lanyards and key fobs for a craft fair tomorrow. I was taking the stitches out of a key fob because I messed up slightly (probably by going too fast) (even though I was trying to go slow because I care so much about how it looks to the customer), and I was ripping stitches pretty fast.

I was pretty proud of myself, being so successful and singing along to the Backstreet Boys - who recently have been my #1 choice of background music. And then, this happened.

I broke my seam ripper... because I was going too fast... it looks just like a broken machine needle...

I was so mad! I need a seam ripper, because not only is it my best friend and we are in contact more often than I actually sew, but because I had many more things to sew, and there was NO WAY that I wouldn't have something else to rip :)

Luckily, I found my little seam ripper. It'll do for now until I get to the store tomorrow.

Anyway, *sigh*. I really do have confidence in my sewing abilities but sometimes you've just gotta get stuff done, for lack of a better phrase!

Do you rush through the sewing/quilting process, too?


  1. Don't feel bad Jess, I am from back east as we call it here and I too rush through the quilting process, have cut my fingers and sewn through them. Get a new ripper because like me, you sound like you love the frog as it, rip it, rip it!

  2. Slow down girlie you will enjoy it more!! hehehehe

  3. Maybe you are just excited about it my dh who broke his tooth brush in his mouth the day our oldest son was born.

  4. Im glad you debugged! I go t to read your post. I was too fast too when I started quilting long ago. Dont worry you will slow done. BTW I HAVE noticed your progress over the year or so Ive been following.

  5. I do rush seaming but have set my machine to medium speed and won't let myself increase that speed until accuracy catches up! I have never seen anyone break a seam ripper - you must be very fast.


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