Saturday, July 9, 2011

A quilt being enjoyed

I got to gift "Ladybugs for Bailey" this weekend and I took some pictures! See my original post about it here.

Little miss Bailey herself! ("Let's straighten it out!" "Those are such preeeetty flowers!" "I LIKE it!" "Come see my bed! [to everyone else]")

The flash on my phone kept going off and not taking the picture - so I think Bailey got a little confused, hence the face. She's usually smiling :)

My fiance sent me this picture this morning - that's Bailey's little sister crawling around, and Bailey is (I'm assuming) the blur on top.

It makes my heart happy :) This is why I quilt.


  1. Oh yeah!! That's the best reason!

    I can't wait to play "colour I Spy" with my grandson using my Country Houses quilt - it's getting close to the end; I'm halfway through quilting the blocks then it's time to join, then bind!

  2. Hi Jess, your heart should be very happy...lovely quilt..colorful and happy what any little girl would just love


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