Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Premiere Craftiness!

Two nights ago I attended the midnight premiere (here in New Jersey) with my brother, sister, and best friend! We had some fun getting ready/preparing - for what ended up being the end of my childhood! I started reading Harry Potter in 4th grade, and now it's ten years later - it's hard to believe that it's over. So, we had to go out with a bang.

Here's my brother, sister, and I, all dressed up:

My brother is modeling the shirt in the middle! I totally made that! I saw a tutorial that Kacey from The Stay-at-Home Artist wrote up last week - which inspired me to actually go through with our idea. It was a quick and easy way to stencil on a t-shirt, and I'll be using it again, for sure!

I also appliqued a small lightning bolt to the front of the shirt, where the top left pocket would be.

I'm very proud because my brother LOVES the shirt, and he says he wants to wear it when he goes back to college in the fall, too. I've never gotten so much praise from him ;)

My little sister, who just read all the books and watched several of the movies before going to see this one, wanted to make the Deathly Hallows sign as a necklace. She used paperclips, some tape, and a key ring - that's it! She lost the Elder Wand by the end of the night, which made us laugh (Harry Potter fans should understand). This is me trying to get a good picture of her wearing it (she's going laugh when she sees all these posted on here) - I love you, Ris =D

The movie was FANTASTIC and I was quite the crier, but not embarrassed! I knew I would be! There are a lot of points in that last book that really tug at your emotions. I was a little upset with the parts they changed from the book, but you can't have everything in life. It was still epic.

Our movie theater, which was showing the movie in 7 theaters, was sold out for midnight, and there was a 3 am show coming in as we were leaving! It was INSANE, but so worth it. I don't want to say too much in case anyone is reading this and wants to see the movie but hasn't yet.

If you have seen it, what did you think of the movie? Did you dress up?

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has voted for "Ladybugs for Bailey" in the Quilting Gallery contest so far! You made my day!
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  1. I had a great chuckle at your brother's tee-shirt! Well done!!

  2. Great job on the shirt! WHOOP WHOOP!

  3. Hey, I want a shirt like that!! So when I'm in a foul mood or needing to focus completely on what I'm doing, folks in the house will know to leave me alone. ;D

    We had a fantastic time at the premier showing, too! Our entire family, plus two boyfriends, went to the double feature at our theater. We saw Part 1 at 9, had an intermission, and saw Prt 2 at midnight. It was wonderful to watch it that way (especially since we didn't have to wait outside for 5 hours like everyone else trying to get decent seats at the other 9 theaters - yes - like yours, the entire cinema was sold out for midnight AND a 3 am showing. People are insane!)

    One daughter and her boyo dressed up as Hufflepuff students. My hubby brought his prized 15" Hedwig puppet that screeches when you squeeze her wingtip, and we all had wand replicas from Harry Potter World. Mine was Snape's. I was a Snape fan from the beginning, and cried, cried, cried when he died and when his memories were revealed. *Such a tragic figure!* Didn't wear a Snape coat though - couldn't justify spending $200 or taking a week to make one when I'm WAAAAAY behind on UFOs. Youngest kiddo wore a Malfoy shirt and carried Voldemort's wand (naughty child)! All in all, we had a marvelous family date for the movie premiere. (Boy, was Scott glad he took yesterday off from work, though - we just aren't college-aged anymore!!) ;D

  4. Great t-shirt and I love your sister's necklace! I saw the movie this afternoon and loved it - missed a few things they left out but felt like they did a really good job with the last movie! Whoop whoop!!

  5. That's the coolest shirt ever, the lightning bolt detail is so cute! And your sister's necklace is very cool, too!


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