Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Break Sewing Goals

I'm going home tomorrow, and you know what that means... LOTS OF SEWING :) Forget all of them nearing-the-end-of-my-junior-year homework that has to be done - the sewing machine gets priority for the next 13 days!

I really need to make this goal list for myself. Stay focused, Jess.

1. Make more fabric magnets and work on tutorial - to be posted soon, I hope!

2. Sew together my red and green dresden plates for the wedding quilt. Start looking for deals on solids to buy for the quilt top. Here's a sneak peek of the green:

3. Send my charm square into 100 Wishes, due March 15. You should, too!

4. Make a passport cover for myself, in preparation for study abroad!

5. If my friend finds out she's student teaching in Italy, I'm making her a passport cover, too (navy blue or dark purple are her requests)

6. Start going through my stash to pick out fabric (or decide what I need) to make my soon-to-be 4 year old niece a quilt ("purple... pink... ladybugs... and my name.")

7. Work on Pay it Forward ideas

8. If I get the info in the next week, start working on my mug rug for Leona's mug rug swap adventure.

9. Cut T-shirts for my friend's t-shirt quilt.

10. And if I have time... design a purple quilt (for myself!?) I've been slowly gathering purple fabric for awhile now.

Whew! Can all, or most, of that be done in 13 days? We shall see!

Perri at Vignette in Stitches is giving away 15 beautiful FQs from "Where the Wind Blows." You have until March 10th.

Over at Cut to Pieces, Angela is giving away $40 to Fresh Squeezed Fabrics, which is her newest sponsor.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Those are a lot of goals! Good Luck with them.
    I just love the fabrics you have put together in your photo. I also recognize several ones I have in my own stash!
    Enjoy your 13 days of sewing bliss!

  2. thank yo for sharing the Vignette blog giveaway - good luck!
    Happy stitching, P

  3. Good goals! A pay it forward idea is to pay for the person's coffee behind you at Starbucks, or the person's toll behind you on the toll road. You can get out of there before they find out so it's anonymous!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my new quilt, btw.


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