Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Passport Sleeve Making

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I recently received my first passport in the mail - for my study abroad trip in May to Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland! I am so, so excited! One of the things I decided to make was a passport cover, just to keep it protected - and to flash some flair! That "United States of America" logo is boring!

I've made this once before, with bunnybum's tutorial. The white one with the purple flowers is for me, and violet one is for my friend, who is about to find out if she will be student teaching in Italy next year. I think one reason we are friends is that she's more than okay with my purple obsession :)

It's so simple, except I should have heeded the tutorial's advice to sew the whole thing together very close to the edge. I'm thinking - "oh, I've been so good at perfecting the 1/4th seam allowance lately, I'll just follow that over my topstitching" and the passport did not fit! Seam ripper to the rescue, and the second time was a charm.

I also had to bend my passport cover quite a bit to fit it into the covers, but it didn't do any harm. These work really well as gifts for someone going on a trip!

The white and purple flowers is one of my favorite fabrics in my stash, and I only have half a FQ left. Sadness. I'm saving it for my purple quilt - or, I could always buy more... I'll have to go searching for it on etsy again. The name or designer wasn't on the selvedge, but the violet fabric's selvedge had it: Timeless Treasures. Luckily, I still have a lot of that violet fabric.

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  1. I WANT ONE!!!!! No really, I do. I will pay you! I like dark colors, like black and light blues and dark blues...and purples........Will you make me one???? :)

  2. Great covers. That way you won't to worry about getting them mixed up with someone elses!

  3. What a great way to make those dull passports look great! I love them! I agree with the post above - you will not have to worry about your passport getting mixed up.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are so cute!! What a great way to show off your skills!! Thanks for linking up - here's your Whoop Whoop!!!


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