Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fabric Magnets Tutorial and a Giveaway!

-The giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Check giveaway post for winner.-

I had several requests for a fabric magnets tutorial, so here it is! There are SO many possibilities - they really are endless. They take only a few minutes each to make, so you can easily make them themed for a present - and they look great!

Fabric Magnets
What you need:
Fabric scraps, in any shape, or a character... or whatever you wish!
Fabric scraps for backing
Sewing machine (you could hand sew them if you'd like, but machine is much faster)
Scrap pieces of batting (this is a GREAT way to use the batting that you cut off when you make a quilt) or polyfill
Magnets or a magnet roll - can be found at Michael's and Joann's

1. First, decide which scraps you will use. You'll want to cut them into the shape you want.

2. Next, cut a piece of backing fabric. This won't really be seen at all, so you can use a piece that doesn't match, if you'd like (even though this does :) )

3. Turn the backing face down, and make sure the front fabric is face up - just like a quilt sandwich. Start to sew around the outside - I would use less than a 1/4th inch seam allowance, but make sure you are far enough away from the edge.
Also, reinforce with just a couple of backstitches when you start, and make sure you end with 1 and 1/2 or 2 inches open. Backstitch when you stop.
4. Now, you are going to stuff that opening you left with the scrap batting or polyfill. You may need to use a scissor, especially for hearts.

5. Sew the opening shut, and then trim any backing fabric that sticks out from the magnet.

6. Cut a piece from a magnet roll. If it's like the one I have, you'll peel off the back and simply stick it on the back of the fabric. You may have to use fabric glue or some other kind of adhesive if the magnets you have are not in a roll like this.


They are so addictive to make!

-My Giveaway-
I would really like to thank my followers for reading and following, because it's always nice to know that someone is there, and you guys are fabulous! So, thank you so much! That's why this giveaway is going to be followers only.

I'm giving away a set of four magnets. They can be whatever you want, you just have to let me know! I'll make them, or if you want any of the ones you see in the above refrigerator picture, you can have them. I also might throw in something extra for the winner...

1. For one entry, state that you are a follower, and if you are new, you are welcome to become one! You can become one now by clicking the "follow" button on Google Friend Connect on my left sidebar. If you follow by email instead, or by RSS feed, just let me know.
2. For a second entry, tell me what kind of magnets you would like. Themed, hearts, owls - you can tell me whatever you want - use the pictures I have posted here for inspiration! Put this in a separate comment. If you don't know right now, either, you can say that, and if you win, you can decide then.
2. You can have a third entry by blogging about this giveaway, and posting, in a separate comment, the link to your post.

That's three entries! I wanted to find some way to thank my wonderful followers :)
The giveaway will end this Saturday, 3/12, and the winner will be picked at random.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


  1. Thanks for a great idea!!
    If I was lucky enough to win I'd leave the choice to you!!!

  2. Thanks for your little tutorial these look like a lot of fun. I'm a follower :)

  3. Awww! These are so sweet and I could see how addictive they can be to make! Thanks for your tutorial - makes it look so easy! I am a follower.

  4. I love the little owls - that would be my choice. Thanks for a sweet giveaway.

  5. Those are so cute. What a cool idea. I am a follower.

  6. I love the apple and owl. Thank you for the give away and the tutorial.

  7. I am a regular follower and enjoy reading your wonderful blog.

  8. If I'm lucky enough to be selected as the winner I would like magnets in a toy truck theme. That way I could send them to my grandsons to be used in their home. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  9. I included your giveaway in my blog today:

  10. I am a follower, thanks to Stray Stitches. :) I look forward to your future blog entries.

  11. I would love a set of magnets with a train theme, my nephews would absolutely love them. If that's not possible then I will make them one. :) thanks to your tutorial. My second choice would be a combination of ballerina, princess, dinosaur and dump truck... for a friend's little girl (yes she loves all of those things). And if that's not possible... then I do really like the apple, owl, angel and sunflower heart. :) Thanks again, I feel like shopping for stuffing and magnets now. :)

  12. And I've posted about your giveaway on my blog!

  13. Cute idea. I love the apple and the fairy.

  14. I am a follower... thanks for sharing how to make the magnets.

  15. I would be happy with any magnet you make. I have several kinds on my frig... nothing that matches. :)

  16. I have posted your giveaway on my blog

  17. This is a cute idea! My grand daughter is coming for the summer. I won a mini sewing machine on a penny auction site and am saving it for her to use (I'm sure it is a dandy, lol, but hey, it was .21!)This is something I can have her do on her little machine and take home to her mom :)


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