Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilting Humor?

Randomly, if I am bored and/or procrastinating, I'll venture over to Not often, but once in a while. Today I was scrolling through and laughing (sorry if any of you parents out there don't find it funny, but I think it can be pretty hilarious!) I found this one:


ME:Hey mom! We just finished our concert. We are headed to Pittsburgh tomorrow but are stopping along the way in Amish country.
MOM:Sounds like fun. Please don’t be tempted to buy expensive quilts!

It has 68 votes, rating 4 1/2 out of 5 stars right now! Now, if I was going to Amish country, this WOULD be a legitimate concern of my family. Clearly, the daughter/son and the people who voted think this is funny! =P

Just thought I would share. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice(r, in general) weather :)


  1. Hilarious - made me giggle at my laptop!

  2. Thanks so much for telling me about the parents texting one... I think my mom is texting some of these people as their mom's. Sooo funny. I've never read this website, I am having so much fun.
    This one is my mom like 100%

    Mom: unscramble these words - i am stumped. actud. fewar. cemesh. trapie.
    mom: dad is sending you pics through email
    me: I’m looking but I don’t see anything
    Mom: Last one is pirate

    I think the second one is WAFER...

  3. eek! Have i fixed my status as a no reply blogger???


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