Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Confession on a S(crappy) Saturday in February

It's still icy and cold out there. At least when I was in NYC yesterday, it was sunny! Freezing rain is falling right now (not ideal for living at least a ten minute walk from food or civilization on campus)... guess I'll go to the library for the day with my friends and try to get some work done.

Okay, so here's my confession: When I was home, I thought I would be cheeky and try to guess February's color. I honestly thought, "maybe Angela won't pick red, because that's so typical of February. Maybe it will be PINK." I said this also to comfort myself over the fact that I do not have many red scraps at all.

So, I made this last week - the second Dresden plate for my wedding quilt. The cows, again, are something I put in to make future Mr. Quilty Habit laugh, because pink is not necessarily his favorite color :)

I think I'm going to try to put in a "funny" print, or a novelty print, or something different into each plate. Just to give it flavor. As a couple, we like to laugh. A lot. We're just a couple of dorks.

I'm really happy with the way it came out - it was so much faster to make it than the blue one (which was my first ever). However, I'm still experimenting with the middles. Maybe in my haste I sewed too quickly, which makes this plate have trouble laying flat. Oh well, I can fix it when I go home next weekend. I'm also going to *try* to make a red Dresden plate with *all* of the reds I currently have =P

I'm almost embarrassed to post this picture... it needs to be flat. I'm definitely going to fix it.

So even though it's not red, this was my scrappy pick for the week!

Over at Lucky Duck Dreams, Colleen (who won MY giveaway a week ago!) is giving away pinks and reds for Valentine's day (which apparently I really need to win!) as well as a beautiful Egyptian print (which I could also use in my Dresden plate!). I would really like to win this one, haha! My stash needs it!

Then, over at Simply Solids, Mandy is celebrating 400 followers by giving away a FQ bundle of Swoon! Whoever wins that is very lucky indeed.

Stay warm/dry/happy, wherever you are in the world!


  1. Red or not it looks very exciting :) and I'm sure you'll manage to get if flat without too much hassle. Looking forward to seeing your fabric choices for your red red one.. ;) Elly

  2. Isn´t that a funny coincident... I made a Dresden Plate also! I like the coulours you chose, even if they are not truly red.

  3. Very charming! Pretty in pink, don't you think? And I love the thought of having a "funny, or novelty print" in each block! Can't wait to see this one done! These blocks done with red scraps like Cattinka's (which is so cute!)would sure use up a lot of those red scraps!

  4. I love your plate. I was looking at how to make them this week, one for me to try

  5. I like your plate, too, although it´s not red.

  6. Such a great idea! You already have your pink month finished!

  7. Pink is just a pale red :) I really like what you've done.

  8. I think it looks great - I love the idea of a quirky fabric in each plate.

  9. Love your Dresden and I just noticed your background on your blog---how pretty:)

  10. Well in my art teacher book of tricks, I would say that pink is in the red family! Your idea of making dresden plates for each color is fabulous. It will make a lovely wedding quilt for you and your husband to be. It was fun to visit your blog.

  11. It looks lovely and you are going to have a wonderful quilt at the end of the year.


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