Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabric Magnets

Edit: Thanks, Natasha, for becoming my third person for Pay it Forward 2011!

My friend is hosting a craft sale through the Women's Center on campus to raise funds for charity. She asked me to make some fabric magnets. How could I say no? I hadn't tried making them, and it couldn't be too hard... and I was going to be home for two days.

I just wish I had made more, but I got super busy with all the stuff I had to do while there. I can tell you, though, I have a great idea for Christmas this year... can you say themed magnets for the people I love? They won't be getting those from anyone else :)

Apparently these magnets were selling fast - within the first hour of the stand being open, there were only two left! I think they sold them for $.50 or a dollar. I have to find out.

I haven't done a tutorial yet on my blog. Maybe I should do one, even though it's a relatively easy project? I'm sure there's already one out there. It's very simpled, and it's a great way to use scraps of not only fabric, but batting. What do you think, should I attempt a tutorial?

I'm linking up to amylouwho's Sew and Tell today!

I'm also linking up to Sarah's (at Confessions of A Fabric Addict) Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop? for the first time!

And... speaking of...

Sarah is having a giveaway! One way to win is linking up to her linky party by Saturday night, and you can win some FABULOUS fabric - more details here.

Also, Hilachas is celebrating her birthday with a fabulous giveaway - an array of quilty things! Check it out here.

AND, here's a picture of my red and green Dresden plates, all ready to be sewn together! I'll be home for spring break, for an entire week, in a week, and I can't wait!

... so, can I get a whoop, whoop?! SPRING BREAK, YEAH!


  1. Nice magnets! I especially like the heart one. What a great idea!

  2. Yes! Do a fabric magnet tute - they are so cute!

  3. What a fabulous charity to create for. :o)

  4. Love those owl magnets! What a fun way to help!

  5. You are right in that they would make fabulous gifts.All those gorgeous fabrics you could fussy cut. So many options...

  6. Your magnets are great and I love the name of your blog!

  7. What a clever idea. A tutorial would be great.

  8. Whoop whoop! I love your fabric magnets- what a great idea for those little scraps of cute prints!! And I can't wait to see your dresden plates next week.... ;-)

  9. Definitely Whoop Whoop! please do a tutorial!


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