Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scrappy Saturday!

I got to play with fabric today :) I am more than thrilled. Being at school is like torture sometimes. Even though it can be frustrating, sewing and anything related to it relaxes me.

I decided to start on our wedding quilt, for October 2012. I also definitively decided it's going to be 12 dresden plates on a white background, each one a different color (and one for each month of the year, and of the scrap challenge :)).

The sad truth is, because I'm still building my stash, I don't have many big scraps. Which means I had to cut into other FQs and the like. But, I'm really glad because it will make the quilt even prettier if I get to use some of my favorite fabrics!

I used some of my winnings from Red Pepper Quilts - Soul Blossoms:

The ironic part was that cutting out of non-scraps made more scraps. But that's okay.

And for the color "blue" this month, made this (no pressing or sewing yet):

The two guitar pieces are in there just for my fiance. I snuck them in and actually think they go really well.

I'm really excited for this quilt.

I also finally hung up my mom's scrappy wall hanging over the oven:

What did you make today?


  1. Hola Jessica!
    las guitarras le dan un toque especial y tu novio seguro estará contento...
    Feliz día

    Hi Jessica!
    the guitars give it a special touch and your boyfriend sure be happy ...
    Happy day

  2. You will have a beautiful wedding quilt when you are finished.

  3. What a great concept for a wedding quilt. Your blue fabrics are just beautiful. I can picture the finished quilt in my head and it is stunning!

  4. Great idea for a wedding quilt...can't wait to see how each block develops!


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