Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A "hello" to my new followers :)

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Wow, I'm just overwhelmed by the responses I've received for the giveaway so far! Thank you for all of your sweet comments (I'm going to try to get back to as many of you as I can), and to all my new followers, thank you!! I hope I don't let you down - now, the pressure is on to be witty, creative, and interesting... *gulp* I'll try. I'll really, really try! And I hope you'll stick around even after the giveaway is over :)

Just to introduce myself to those who are new readers, I'm currently a junior undergraduate student at a New Jersey university, and I can't wait to be a middle school or high school social studies (or history) teacher (if I get a job - I'll be in the real world NEXT FALL!) That's really scary, I won't lie. But I can't wait.

I'm also engaged to my favorite person on the planet (besides my little sister!) and we are getting married in fall 2012. There's lots more I could write about this, but I don't want to bore you! =P So, this summer, I'll be starting to make some wedding things, like my veil and a big wedding quilt (still deciding on a final design, but it's probably going to be Dresden plates). I really like the "family tree" quilts I've seen, and I'm very excited about everything!

I also have some teacher quilts planned for me (making something for myself? Unthinkable!) and my friends who will also be graduating from education programs next year. The fabric is bought already!

Something you might not know about me - my historical interests are 1900-1950, the Holocaust, and other genocides. Also, you can read the things I wrote in my sidebar.

A little about my quilting and sewing interests. I started last June to make a T-shirt quilt (see this post) - I've improved a lot since then, and I'm going to try my hand at another t-shirt quilt this summer. My favorite color is purple, and I am currently hoarding my purple fabrics. It took a lot of willpower to cut into them, but I did it with the clutch at the end of this post. I LOVE dots, but I don't have a huge stash of them yet. I also spent a LOT of money on fabric last year (didn't we all? haha) and am doing the Cut to Pieces Fabric Diet, and soscrappy's Rainbow Scrap Challenge (see sidebar).

So, I come home from school about twice a month for one or two days, and most times I don't have a chance to sew because I am home for a specific reason. I don't have room in my tiny, cramped single to bring my sewing machine, let alone cut or lay out fabric, and I have yet to teach myself how to hand sew adequately! Also, with 3 classes, an independent study for my senior honors thesis, an internship in NYC, and 2 on-campus jobs, I'm pretty busy.

So, my blog for the next four months is going to be "quilty habits" (you can see the first one here) talking about past quilts I've made that I haven't posted, future plans, and giveaways. Is there anything you would like to see on my blog?

I have a quilty habit post coming up this week, so stay tuned for that.
Have a great day!

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