Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quilty Habit #2

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Here's something I realized I do when I'm sewing...

I'm a pack rat. Not the scary hoarding kind, but I still have trouble parting with things. One reason I am not necessarily looking towards this summer is because I have to clean out my room to get ready to move out. That should be... fun? I guess I am looking forward to finding things I have been looking for - my room is what I like to call "organized chaos."

Well, the other day, I suddenly realized that I am a sort of a pack rat with my fabric and batting, too. I save EVERYTHING and get slightly sad when scraps are just too small to use. Like this:

What am I going to do with that? Haha! This is not necessarily a negative thing, but it's kind of funny that I JUST realized that I save things like this...

Do you have a quilty habit - something positive or maybe negative that you tend to do while you're sewing or quilting? 'Fess up!


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