Friday, January 29, 2016

On Sew Mama Sew: Round Robin Bee Tips and Troubleshooting

I've written another article for Sew Mama Sew about the sewing community: how to start and participate in a round robin bee, along with troubleshooting suggestions. I've participated full-force in two different round robins, one online and one in person; they've changed the way that I sew and how I view the quilting community (for the better).

Neutral Log Cabins – made at Mid-Atlantic Mod Retreat 2015 by Neva Asinari, Laura Bennett, Nicole Folino, Elizabeth Jones, Jessica Levitt, Carrie Maria, Sheila Randall, Summer Rankin, Jordyn Rush, Janet Schoenfeld, Jessica Skultety, and Amy Verne. Quilted by Jessica Levitt. Picture by Amy Verne.

Thanks to Kristin and Beth for this opportunity!


  1. Great post! One thing I felt was a little bit skimmed was a group of people you trust--how does one find a group they can trust online or in their guild? Trust takes a while to build, and what happens when it is misfounded mid-way through a group bee? And let me tell you, getting out of a round robin is not easy or graceful. But sometimes it's still worth doing. Man I have anxiety and stress just typing about it! NEVER AGAIN.

    1. You're right, Renee, I did not go into a lot of detail about that. I feel like building trust is an individual thing that everyone can only really decide on themselves. In the first round, I wish we had thought more about the one person who dropped out. I know that if I ever participate in a long term one again, I won't make that mistake. I'm just glad we all got to make beautiful quilts and connect more (those of us who finished it out, anyway!). :)

  2. Great post, such helpful tips to have the best possible experience with a bee.

  3. HI Jessica. I'd love to read your post on round robins. However, every time I try a link for it, from google or from above, the sewmamasew page comes up blank. Do you know if it's been removed, or if maybe there is a momentary glitch they're having? Thanks much.


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