Monday, January 25, 2016

A Letter to Purple + Sewing Challenge

Dear Purple,

You are my favorite color with no exceptions. Ever since I was a little girl, I've preferred purple to pink (and, let's face it, every other color). I gravitate towards wearing purple gloves, scarves, sweatshirts, shirts, and jewelry every day. That poem by Jenny Joseph, "When I'm an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple?" Oh, that applies to me every day, and I'm 26.

You're also cooler (literally - a cool color). A rainbow isn't complete without violet, but it doesn't need pink. See? Even rainbows find your essential.

Some of my favorite purple projects from the past.

As a quilter building her fabric stash, I've always gone out of my way to purchase a "good" purple. A print that doesn't have too many other colors involved. A rainbow of solid purples in all the shades. Purples that go well with black, white, and especially gray. Purples that illuminate a sunset.

Sunset - Misdirection pattern by Jess @elvengardenquilts, coming soon

One day in the distant future, if I give birth to a girl, I can only hope that people will keep all of this in mind. Those purple baby clothes are out there, right? Also, I've found purple to look quite fetching on men (namely, my husband). So, if I have a boy, I also hope to purchase and make purple things for me AND baby. Because the selfish sewing with purple shall never end.

Because I love you so much (and because others seem to as well), Sarah @sarahmgoer, Meg @myteaandbrie and myself (@quiltyhabit) are hosting a Purple Sewing Challenge on Instagram.


You're pleased, right? It's all just for fun sewing and pretty pictures. Hopefully you'll look in on the hashtag (#purplesewingchallenge) from now until March 1 and maybe even work on your own purple project. I know I will be.

Anyway, purple, never change. I'll always be here, seeking out true purple fabrics to use in my quilts, and starting random purple projects just because I love you to no end.



  1. Beautiful letter, Jess! I love also purple in all shades! x Teje

  2. I love purple, too! It is my second favorite color behind, you guessed! All of your purple projects are so lovely! I don't have any purple coming up in my quilt lineup, but I do have lots of berry/plum. That kind of counts, right?

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. Aww so many pretty purple things! It will be so fun watching this challenge.

  4. So, Jess..... are you hinting at anything here??
    Okay, never mind.
    I LOVE PURPLE TOO!!! But I love real purple, not light, the real rich stuff, you know?
    My daughter has a baby girl and boy there is a lot of pink in that house. However, when she was a tot (my daughter) I got her a purple snow suit with a jacket. It was wonderful and Christina loved it sooooo much. She loved purple and miss piggy lol
    I love every thing you make, that dress is fantastic.

  5. Purple is the new black. Every year my now 90 year old mom tells me what color is the "new black". Love the quilt and quilting!

  6. I, too, am a life-long purple lover and proud of it! 32 years ago, I had my 5 bridesmaids wear 5 different shades of purple. As a teacher, my classroom has always been decorated In purple (that seems to be the one thing former students remember) and my laundry room is a lovely shade of eggplant! It makes me happy!

  7. My husband is the purple lover in our family. It is my second favorite after hot pink.

  8. You'd better stop talking about babies, it's making people suspicious :p Looking forward to seeing all the purple beauties getting sewn up. Is there going to be a "good purple" fabric glossary? - it's so hard to find!

  9. Purple is great! And it's my son's favorite color - luckily at 3 nobody is interested in policing his color choices though it's hard to find purple stuff for him!

  10. Is there a difference between purple and violet?


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