Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Straight Line Quilting

The Loominous quilt is coming along nicely, though it's come to a bit of a standstill at the quilting stage.

 Aurifil (Dove #2600) threads and all: the sign of a true WIP (work in progress).

My husband Mike took a look at the finished top and said "big triangles." I saw his vision in a different way - triangles (or angles, really) radiating from the center of the quilt. After all, it's a medallion-like quilt, so the middle is the focus.

I decided to use my walking foot since it gives me more control over the very thin and flowy woven fabric that is Loominous by Anna Maria Horner + shot cottons. I have a love/hate relationship with straight line quilting, though. On one hand, it doesn't take a lot of effort (except for pushing the quilt through the machine - and for that, I get rewarded with sore shoulders and temporarily buff upper arms). On the other, it's terribly boring, especially when the lines are only a quarter to an inch apart. This is a large lap size quilt (47 x 69) so it takes a long time.

I've been quilting this on and off for about a week and a half, and about half of it is finished. I don't need to have it done until right before Christmas (it's a gift), but I'm just dying to free motion quilt something instead! Some days I get really inspired to quilt it. Some days I don't want to look at it. And I'm okay with that. Quilting should be fun, always, and I don't force myself. So I work on other projects, too (mostly things I can't share yet).

Here is a terribly attractive picture of me trying on the quilt for size at the CJMQG retreat earlier this month. As you can see, it was just a little too short!

I'm looking forward to sharing the full quilt next month. In other news, I just played Santa today... someone is getting a quilt soon!

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P.S. I hope all of my lovely American readers and friends have a very happy Thanksgiving! Spend it with your family and friends and enjoy the moment! I know I will be!

 If you're curious about what I'm thankful for sewing-wise, check out my scope from Periscope earlier this week:


  1. I love me some straight line quilting. It looks really great in this case I think. I know there is always FMQing, which I also like, but I tend towards less is more - guess I am a minimalist at heart.

  2. love, love, love. What a lucky gift recipient ;) the boring will be worth it because the angles are so stunning!

  3. This quilt is going to be sooo nice! The recipient is a very lucky person :-)

  4. LOL thats how I test a quilt is big enough too! Nothing worse then trying to snuggle in a quilt that your feet poke out and get chilly! Ok...otherthings are probably worse like bee stings and sunburn, but that doesn't mean I have to like cold feet! ;)


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