Sunday, September 14, 2014

Walking foot weekend

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Well, mostly. I'm making use of my darning/free motion foot for some match stick quilting a la Leanne, just to mix things up. The walking foot quilting is specifically inspired by Jacquie Gering, namely her "Shattered" quilt. During the "Slice and Insert" workshop, she pointed out how the shapes were forming between the colored lines. Thus, I felt that this quilting would accentuate the quilt the most. And it's fun! No measurements, just guide and go.

I mentioned previously that I've been stuck in a bit of a "sewjo" slump the last week. I'm pretty sure I can attribute this to having a pretty nasty cold the last 4 days (it didn't take very long being back in school!) and working a strange and busy schedule once again.

Even though it's not a deadline (though I'm considering entering it into QuiltCon), even though it's selfish sewing, even though I have plenty of other deadline work to do, I just did it. It's been calming and satisfying, so no regrets at this point. I might even finish the quilting tonight.

I hope you've found some peace in sewing this weekend, too!

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  1. Oooh! I love the shapes and echoing. Totally think you should enter it to Quiltcon! My cold continues too, ugh.

  2. It's lovely. I feel ya on the cold thing. Get checked if it doesn't clear. Mine morphed into bronchitis.

  3. Nothing is wrong with a bit of "selfish" sewing. My DH recently commented that he wishes I would keep more of my projects instead of giving them all away. I'm going to have to engage in a bit of selfish sewing myself soon.

  4. Oh yes, I'm sure having a cold took away your sewjo! My husband and I had a two week period where first he was sick and quite kindly (not!) gave it to me! It took a couple of weeks to bounce back.

    Interesting way to quilt, I'll have to remember that. I usually find it hard to see those 'hidden' shapes unless it's pointed out to me lol.

  5. your beautiful quilting makes the colour pieces really popp! So interesting and unexpected!

  6. Yay for "selfish sewing"! It's the best way to get your sewjo going again! That quilting is wicked good!

  7. I love the effect of all that angled straight-line quilting ... it really makes the coloured fabric pop out!

  8. Wow!!! I love everything about this quilt. Beautiful. Your quilting is fabulous! Cheers to selfish sewing.

  9. It's looking great! I'm excited to see we have the same machine and that means someday I can quilt awesome stuff too, hee hee :)

  10. I hope you will be feel fine soon! I love this quilt and the quilting. Love to see it finished.
    Love from Amsterdam

  11. it's looking lovely, that is a great design for quilting. And yay to no guilt!

  12. I just saw this on Needle and Thread Thursday... WOW! Love the quilting!


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