Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Liberty.

I'm in a weird place with a lot of projects. Either I have to piece a backing (blargh - I really have to be in the mood for that!) so I can quilt and finish, or I have to finish cutting and I'm wishy-washy about the outcome. While I pondered these projects, I decided to dive in and work on a little project that fell into my lap.

Last month, Laura sent me Ashley's quilt along with some beautiful fabrics for me to enjoy (thank you again!!). I was thrilled because the fabrics were not my typical colors, and I don't have any of these particular prints in my stash. Most excitingly, she included a nice panel of Liberty from her recent garment making - and I was stunned. I've never owned any Liberty and it is every bit as soft and beautiful as it sounds!


I also had just impulse-bought this Munki Munki cut from Instagram - it has my sign (Sagittarius) and a saying that hit me right in the gut: "A Sagittarius Keeps Her Eye on the Prize." It is so inspirational at a time that is really confusing employment-wise and overall career-wise. I'm also a big Hunger Games fan, and I feel like I have a little Katniss to protect me (or maybe it's my inner Katniss, waiting to come out... am I getting too philosophical here? :) ).

All in all, these colors just mesh so well, and I really want to make that Liberty into something soft, so I started a pillow for myself. I appliqued the panel on and just kept it growing from there. I'm still wavering about the outcome (size, mostly - I have a few insert options so it doesn't really matter) but I don't plan to quilt it heavily. I'm going to put batting and muslin behind the pillow before I quilt and attach the back.

I haven't told the husband that I'm probably replacing our oft-used couch pillow at the moment for this somewhat girly cover, but he'll have to deal. :D

Have you quilted Liberty before? How does it hold up in the wash?

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  1. yeah I just spent like 5 hours looking at various neutrals and need to know what those solids are? I have one 1/4 meter of liberty...no idea what I'll ever do with it. I like the idea of a pillow! I like howyou brought the fabrics together too.

  2. That Sagittarius print really does look like Katniss! How awesome!

    I just bought a few pieces of my first Liberty recently. I bought some Art Gallery solids to match with one of the prints because I just can't go through pairing it with quilting cotton and losing that yummy softness and I figured Art Gallery would have the closest soft hand to use with the Liberty. I'm hoping that package arrives today because I want to know how my colour matching went (so hard over a computer screen when you don't have a colour card!). I know what I want to do to make a quilt, but I'm so terrified of cutting it up !

    1. I agree that Art Gallery fabrics are really soft and feel awesome.

  3. It washes wonderfully. It is so finely woven that it feels like silk, both before and after washing. I assume we're talking about the Tana lawns, not other fabrics.

  4. I love liberty, and been buying it for a while but have yet to sew with it. do you know there is a shop called shaukat on the Brompton Road in London? They do mail order and you can off cuts quite cheaply

  5. I like pairing it with linen for pouches. I bought this wonderful Japanese linen from Purl Soho when I was there - a lavender color. I think it's Kiyohara but not sure. They have a bunch of colors on their website.

  6. I still haven't seen any Liberty in person (though I'm sure Laura will fix that eventually :D), but I really like what you've done with it! I think a pillow is a perfect project for it, and maybe so quick it won't end up in timeout. :D

  7. A couple of friends in my guild have made Liberty quilts, and they feel HEAVENLY. So light and silky. This looks great! I'm on the Virgo/Libra cusp and get jealous of you cool Sagittarius kids with your Katniss art and awesome qualities. :)

  8. Visiting from WIP Wednesday, Hope you stop by and enter my giveaway. The liberty fabric is tempting, but I would want mine all together.


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