Friday, June 27, 2014

The WIP Lockdown

Ever feel like you are overcome by WIPs/works-in-progress? They're taking over my sewing area and it's not a pretty sight.

This pile includes my Indelible quilt, my still-in-time-out medallion quilt, my progressive quilt, and my Sister's Ten quilt. Plus my overflowing basket of selvages and baskets of scraps. Sheesh. It really is scary to look at. And I have a sewing friend coming over for the night... I'd better get cleaning up. :)

In four years, I've never had this many projects so close to the quilting stage, and right now, I'm trying to just clear them out! I finally pieced the backing and basted my lantern quilt after a year. Now I'm just waiting for a delivery of purple Aurifil from Hawthorne Threads to start quilting!

Yum, scrappy binding! This quilt was made from jelly roll strips, so I lopped a 1/4th of an inch off several strips to make my standard size binding (2.25").

My design wall is cluttered too (and you can see the June Supernova block from Karin!). I'm hoping to finish that Liberty pillow this weekend.

It would be great to get some of these out of the way before I start my Orange Peel QAL quilt. I don't know how long I can hold off though. :) Don't forget, the QAL starts Monday. I have some prizes to announce this weekend!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by WIPs, too?


  1. Life is in the way for me at the moment. I don't want to think about it:(

  2. WIPs just give me the heebie jeebies. I like to have one in the piecing stage, one in the quilting stage and one in the binding stage. All is right in my world if this is where I'm at. Occasionally because of sew-ins this perfect world scenario gets off kilter but for the most part, this is where i'm at and happiest. Now having typed all of that, I did have a WIP for a year. It was a Jaybird Quilts pattern. I took the class, loved my fabric, and then realized I was going to have to cut off the sides in order for it to end up rectangular in shape (normal quilt). I was so mad. Mad is really the word. I just felt like it was such a huge waste of fabric that I let it sit there a year before I finally followed through. (I know, you're thinking, "Well, how did she think those odd shapes were going to end up?"!!!) I'm in the quilting stage now and the quilt is beautiful.

  3. Yes, they keep screaming at me! I have about 50 quilts waiting for backings and quilting - tops are all finished! Then there are at least 10 in various stages of completion...and I only quilt when I am at home, but always for someone else!!! I need to schedule my own quilts in there...ASAP!!

  4. I am so overcome by WIPs it's ridiculous. And each time I sit down to sew, I can't decide what to work on and just end up fiddling with some other idea. It doesn't help that my brain is mush with a newborn either. One day...

  5. I am totally in UFO panic myself. I have 30 something tops all done waiting and waiting for someone to quilt them. ;) I have additional WIP and UFOs too. My pile is bigger than yours. That being said, I hope you find the time to move some of them to done so that you can do something new without stress.

  6. I have been overwhelemed by mi wip's lately. I am trying to finish tops and get some things quilted, but I can't help but start new projects as I am working on them. I don't want to say my number of projects in the making because I am afraid to count! I am thinking, though, I have to join in on your QAL. :) What's one more project? ;)

  7. I'm being over-run by WIPs too. Stressful.
    And what do I do? Start something new! Sheesh!

  8. Erm. Yes. Lots and lots. You know what makes it all better, in the worst sense, is that my fabric stash, supplies and projects are kept in my small bedroom. I have more than one shelf full of fabric vs clothes :)


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