Friday, January 17, 2014

Finish-A-Long Quarter 1 Goals

Two things first: Thank you for all of your sweet comments on "Diamond in the Rough." I am completely overwhelmed on here and on Instagram! Also, keep the funny sewing comments coming! They are fab!

I'm joining the FAL/Finish Along with Katy this year. Short term goals have helped me accomplish a lot, but so have the long term ones!

Finish Along 2014

Quarter 1 Goals

1. Finish my second Sisters' Ten BOM quilt! I have all the blocks ready to go in a plastic bin, and some of the sashing is cut. I'll be interspersing scraps like the first quilt, and I'll be quilting it similarly, too. I don't expect this one to be done until the end of the quarter.

 Some of the blocks - back in the summer!

2. Finish the snowflake string quilt. I've had some recent inquiries about this quilt and a tutorial, so I can definitely distract myself from buying fabric with those pursuits :)

3. Botanics quilt challenge, inspired by a photo - you can read that post here. 

Just pulled some more solids for this:

4. My Riley Blake challenge piece. The fabrics aren't "speaking" to me, so this is just a vague plan right now. It's due in Feb., so there's still some time. I'm thinking of adding lots of solids.

5. Start and finish a mini quilt for my bloggy friend Renee. I can't show you the fabrics I've chosen or the pattern I've designed because I want her to be surprised! They exist, though!

6. Start and finish my orchid challenge quilt.

That's enough (as in, way too much) until sometime in March, right? I have plenty more for the second quarter already planned!


  1. That first quilt is so vibrant and pretty!

    Hope you meet all your goals.

  2. I've been thinking about your orchid challenge/moon phase quilt and then remembered seeing this on pinterest and it all came together, haha:

  3. Heh, I'm loving different people's perspectives on the same deadlines, like the Riley Blake challenge! Good luck with your list :o)

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  5. Most especially looking forward to seeing your #1 quilt finished - I just love the colors! Good luck with your goals : )

  6. Ooh, I love your orchid fabrics. Good luck finishing these!


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