Thursday, January 16, 2014

Husband Quilting Convo of the Day

Mike: "What's AMH?"
Me: "Anna Maria Horner. She's a fabric designer."
Mike: "Well... I know what FMQ is!"
Me: "What?"
Mike: "Free motion quilting. :)"

Well, at least he pays some attention. ;)

Also, he accurately identified embroidery hoops the other day when I wasn't around. He's doing me proud.

What funny things have you heard someone say about sewing lately? Give me a laugh, please. :)



  1. My boss was encouraging me to go back to school for my Master's degree and she said "Well you don't have any kids yet, so now would be the time. You will have to cut back on that awful quilting habit you have though." She said it with a smile and was joking, she is a crafter herself so she understands the "addiction." :)

  2. What a cutie pie!!! On Saturday mornings my husbands asks if I'm ready to get my sew on. I think that's kinda sweet.
    My sister in law told me that she doesn't really understand this qhole quilting thing becasue it's basically cutting a piece of fabric and then putting it back together... Makes no sense.

  3. My husband gets frustrated when he send me to his shop to get him a tool for a project he's doing and I can't find it per his description. I remind him if I sent him into my quilt room for a tool he'd return empty handed! He gets the point.

  4. My husband knows what feed dogs are, rotary cutters and cutting mats. However he still says you eat a Jelly Roll!

  5. My husband sounds like your husband! I had to explain sewing machine feet to him and his eyes practically bugged out of his head with confusion. He also asked me if he could keep the baby quilt I just finished because he liked the colors and I said no. He then asked if I could make one exactly like it. I told him I didn't have any of those fabrics left. He was sad.

    1. I hope you told him you could make one that was just might need a few shopping sessions to buy just the right fabric!! ;) And for a bonus, you can make it more husband-sized.

  6. A lady I work with at my local quilt store: "Quilting is the crack cocaine of hobbies"

  7. A group of 25 were skiing. One night while playing "Battle of The Sexes" (boys against girls). My husband described answers for Toile, Bobbins, Trapunto and knew the names of actors from soap operas. Let me tell you how much they Loved having my husband on their team. However they might never ask him to go hunting again! Crazy part--- I DO NOT watch day time television! Turns out his mother did--so growing up she talked about all these people. My husband remembered them from over 30 years ago! My mouth was on the floor!!! He could be living a secret soap opera life that I do not know about--Scary Ha-Ha!

  8. Five years ago I told my mom I wanted to buy a longarm quilting machine and she told me she would buy it for me for my birthday. I was soooooo excited that I ordered the longarm I wanted! Then I got my birthday card with a check in it for the longarm...$300.00. My sewing machine cost more than that, but I wasn't going to say anything about that to my mom...I just said thank you so much and wrote a check for the balance of the bill for the longarm. Can you tell my mom doesn't sew??

  9. My husband still gets confused about the difference between batting and backing. He's trying though, kind of like I've picked up a few kitchen terms (he's a chef) through osmosis (i.e. him repeating them over and over in casual conversation). You can only go so long before you know what an amuse bouche or charcuterie is. I also correctly identified his Santuko and Boning Knife the other day. He was so proud. I guess the knife cuts both ways (pun intended). :)

  10. I was totally thrilled when I found out that my two teenage sons knew what piping was!!lol...Will they make me learn what an MMORPG is?????

  11. my husband is great with colorsso i ask him about them all the time... "does this work?" today without even looking up he said. "Im not going to tell you anymore until you make a couple of my quilt designs." I asked "you have quilt designs?" he said "yes, I will draw them out for you." I cant wait to see what he comes up with... I had no idea he was a budding quilt designer!


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