Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

A quick WIP Wednesday post... I've been trimming my Sisters' Ten BOM blocks and working on layouts!

October blocks! The last ones... sniff...
The block size is 12.5", but because my cutting and piecing skills have improved immensely over the last year, some blocks were less (about 12"). So, in order to make everything a bit more orderly, I cut them all down to 12" square. I really hope all the lovely triangles don't look too awful cut up... but I thought it would look worse if all the blocks were uneven... le sigh. Quilter problems. =/

In the same vein, I've had the BOM fabrics out allll year because of intensive fabric combining. Last night, I put away all of them! It was so nice to see my stash all together again (though messy - I'll work on it!). :) It feels like the end of an era! Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing more about my BOM growth and, of course, about the quilts!

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  1. Love your blocks! I am 2 months behind on making mine.

  2. Cute blocks! I bet it will look awesome all put together.

  3. I love the color scheme of the blocks. And thanks for the peek at your stash :)

  4. I'm the same as you where my blocks are not all the same size, due to my skill improving over the year. I've been avoiding putting my quilt top together because of it I think but now I'm inspired, thanks!

  5. Love those blocks and my stash always looks like that ;-)

  6. Too late now, but if I had some squares that weren't quite as big, I'd probably add a skinny little border to those, and place them carefully so that the bordered ones added to the design. For instance, if I had four squares with borders, they'd probably go on the four corners, or in the middle of each side if the sides had an odd number of blocks.

    It would be a bit tough to figure out which fabric to use for the extra border, but maybe something like a darker shade of the gray.

    I've had to do things like that when I've made some kind of error, and often, what you do to make up for the error "makes" the quilt!!

    And while there's probably some sort of plan for a BOM, plans are just what you start out with!! It's the meanderings along the way (and of course, great fabric choices) that make *your* quilt special!

  7. I have done that numerous times where I had to trim a block,fortunately after the 1st 20 times of doing this the wrong way I manage most times now to not cut off points! Sometimes it is the inevitable:( :/

    You need to get some comic book boards to organize your fabric....maybe? hehehehe

  8. Love your pretty stash! I suppose it's too late, but the other option is to sash them all and fudge the size difference with the sashing.

  9. I've heard several people say they grew as quilters by working through the BOM this year.... warms my heart! So glad to hear you say your piecing has improved. I've learned a TON this past year too!!

  10. I love your blocks, and one good thing about HST's there are so many possibilities. thanks for a peek at your stash.


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