Friday, November 1, 2013

November Fresh Sewing Day

October was a month for big projects. I finished my Modern Maples quilt over the entire month! I also made a quick, scrappy, owl-y baby quilt for my beautiful niece (who is on the way!) and a t-shirt quilt for my father-in-law (I still need to blog about this).

I also started my Halloween/Thanksgiving double-sided tablerunner. I should be finished by the end of the weekend!

November has the potential to be totally awesome. I'll have more time to sew because I have a bunch of days off of school. Our apartment's kitchen is getting a complete redo next week! One of my best friends, Kristina, is visiting, too! I've already started listening to Christmas music, which is one of my huge mood boosters :). Finally, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special and Catching Fire are both coming out in the same week and I am psyched beyond words. Anyone else out there? Anyone? Come forth and show your geekiness! I know you're excited, Renee... :)

Oh, and the Sewing With Certainty Series starts on Sunday! Click here for more info!

Coming in November!

P.S. Voting for the Blogger's Quilt Festival is now open! You can vote for my Dresden Rainbow Wedding Quilt (#14 in the ROYGBIV category) or Pumpkin Spice Latte (#47 in the throw category) by clicking the heart when you scroll over the entry!

Whew. What's your November going to be like?

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  1. wow, I love what you did with the combination of modern maples and plus blocks

  2. uh ha ha you have no idea how out of the loop I am! I did look up the Dr Who movie and there's a showing in ABQ, yay. However, we don't get out to see movies I think the last one I saw in theaters was the Avengers, and only because the nighttime fight scene between Iron Man and Thor was filmed on my grandma's property. And I love RDJ. Finally watched Hunger Games last month for the first time and was shocked at the violence and premise for the PG-13 rating. We don't have a TV either, so we pretty much don't see ads, trailers, or teasers for upcoming movies, and don't have time to read the popular books. So I'll catch up with the good stuff eventually! And I'm a grinchy scrooge, so that's no help. My goal for the month is FINALLY finish the starry night and tardis quilts, UGH. Seriously those quilts eat up so much of my time!!

  3. I have to admit, I have never watch Dr. Who but I have heard amazing things about it. I am super excited for Catching Fire and the new Thor comes out this month too!

  4. that modern maple quilt is so pretty! i love the colors you combined. I'm super excited for Catching Fire to come out too....

  5. It is a great month for geekieness, my household of boys is very excited.

    Love your leaf quilts.

  6. Love all your projects - Nice runner! - and your enthusiasm... Hope you have a super weekend and enjoy Kristina's visit!

  7. You've had a great month! I really like all of your quilts and the runner :)

  8. I was thinking Doctor Who was in December, like a Christmas Special. Earlier is better, though!! On Halloween, I had one trick-or-treater who piped up, "I'm the Doctor!" I looked and said, "You're Number 11, aren't you?" (Because he so obviously was!) He said no one else knew who he was -- I think I made his night!

    I'll be there for Catching Fire, for sure. I read those books just before the first movie came out and then for about 3 weeks I just re-read and re-read them. I was a wee bit obsessed. ;) Looking up things from the movie was what got me hooked on Pinterest, too.

    Quilt-wise, I just finished one that was raffled off for a good cause, and I'm just about to head into my sewing room to put away everything from that one and get back to another one that was shelved for a while. Yay!

  9. Hi...visiting from Lily's Quilts....I love your modern quilty style!

  10. Yippee for lots of days off in November! hehehe

    Your maple quilts always make me smile!

  11. Beautiful things! I'll look forward to your series.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Mine looks like... too busy! And we have company/are travelling half of the days I usually get blocked off to sew - boo! Let's hope I get a lot of late night energy to get things finished : ) Looking forward to the new series with you!

  14. Great maples and that owl as well. Lovely colors.

  15. Really love your Owl-y Baby quilt, it caught my eye straight away!


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