Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Catch up

Thank you all for your feedback on my Modern Maples. I'm going to be laying the whole thing out very non-traditionally (contrary to the picture I recently posted) but I still think I'm going to do one leaf, just one, with the saturated background and low volume leaf. You all helped me make that decision, and I appreciate it! Now, some finishes and news from around these parts:

Recently finished my AMH embroidery! It's "Totem" from her Loulouthi fabric line - one of my all-time favorite prints (like my friend Ashley). I only dabble in embroidery, so I outlined the flowers and circles, and filled in some of the colors with matching floss. It was fun and relaxing.

I made a "fall wall" this week with the addition of my fabric wrapped wreath. I love how it looks from my desk, and with all the thread underneath! Also, those knitted flowers are from my grandmother, and I love their autumnal nature.

 This weekend I was in NYC with friends for a Vampire Weekend concert (AHHHH it was amazing! If you also love Vampire Weekend, please feel free to geek out with me in the comments!). When Audrie posted on Instagram that she was at the concert, I was like, no way, and we met up for a few minutes! We mostly talked about quilting (what else, right?) and how we really wanted to be at Sewing Summit. Meeting quilters in person is always too cool!

Finally, I'm sorry I haven't replied to comments! We found out 2 days ago that we are moving apartments/moving back to our hometown NEXT SUNDAY due to a huge/unaffordable rent increase here, so I have started cleaning and packing. With a full week's work schedule for both of us coming up, I need to get as much done today as possible (yes, right now, I'm sitting here blogging/procrastinating, lol). I'm only leaving two projects out for the week if I even get to them (a t-shirt quilt and Modern Maples) - all of my sewing corner and craft supplies are going to get packed up today =/ However, I'm excited about the new apartment and setting up a new space, though it was very unexpected. Though it does mean taking down the fall wall I've been admiring =/ Talk soon!


  1. Oh no, moving sucks and sudden move is even worse. Anyway good luck!

  2. oh bummer that isn't very much time to move! Hope it goes smoothly! Love your fall wall!

  3. Love the embroidery work Jess! Sorry you have to move to another town,but maybe you will be closer to family? Good luck with the move and hope it goes smoothly!

  4. Eek! I dislike moving and having to do it suddenly would only make it worse. You, on the other hand, sound excited by it. I wish you both all the best in this time of transition. Will it affect your work in terms of travel distances, etc?


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