Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's fall (in our apartment, at least!)

I want to get a move on with summer. We're back to school and it's been chilly enough for a quilt on the couch at night, so as far as I'm concerned, those leaves should be changing (and they've started a bit, here in western NJ!). I'm also one of those people who starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween, so I need to start celebrating fall ASAP :)  I'm hoping it doesn't only last about three weeks like it did last year!

Also, last year was crazy, what with us moving into this apartment (it's our 1 year moving anniversary in 5 days), Hurricane Sandy and being out of electricity for 5 days (but it was much worse in other areas), and then our wedding (almost our 1 year anniversary already! Ah!). So, in the way of crafty fall decorating for the apartment, I didn't have much time to do it!

This weekend I made this quick fabric wrapped wreath from some of my favorite fall-y scraps. I used 2 inch wide strips, sew them all together, press the whole thing in half like binding, Then, I hot glued it around a cardboard-like wreath form from Michael's (less than $5), and viola. It's done and pretty. Just like my spring and summer wreaths.

I'll be switching it with this one that my mom made me last year. I LOVE SUNFLOWERS, so chances are, Mom's wreath will actually be staying up most of the season.... lol. I'll probably find another place to hang mine!

I was inspired this weekend at Victorian Days, a local festival. One of the traditional guilds in our area, the Evening Star Quilters, had a booth, and I was ogling over this pumpkin quilt. Can't you see that in modern fabrics? How cute!

Also, there was a really old looking double wedding ring quilt with bright fabrics. I'm kicking myself because I didn't get a picture. =/ My husband was all: Look at this quilt, that looks like something you would like! etc., etc. It made me so happy and I told him so ;)

Also, from the husband: Why are you putting away that quilt? I love that quilt. (Argyled is from the spring!)
Me: Don't worry, we already have a fall quilt. Plus, I'm making another (Modern Maples).

LOL. Does this happen in your house?

Some more decorations. Many of them are from our wedding!

Yay! And the cool air is filtering into the apartment as I type. Perfect.

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  1. I love fall too! But I'm not a decoration kind of person...and I don't play Christmas music until like xmas eve, and then only a small selection of classical and hymnal. Modern stuff grates on my nerves so bad! There is a radio station in ABQ that switched from alt rock to xmas music Sept 1!! WHAT. No. There's another station that switches November 1, which I also do not like, and another that switches on Thanksgiving, which I also do not like...haha I'm totally a scrooge! :-) Anyway, I can't wait to see your modern maple quilt, I really want to make one...you know..someday...

  2. I love the wreath! I've never thought of a fabric wreath, silly me!

  3. Love the wreath, looks great! I am glad summer decided to stick around a little longer, it hit 90 here today and I was in the pool enjoying it. Fall was a blur last year with prepping for Sandy for a week, Sandy hitting, and then the week long state of emergency for my area and then the snow. Although I am sad to be closing the pool soon, I am looking forward to apples and pumpkins. :) The leaves won't change here on the coast until a couple weeks after they do by you.


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