Friday, July 5, 2013

July Goal Setting

Whoa momma. In July, there is the potential of:
a) Lots of sewing that I have time to do
or b) Not a lot of time sewing at all.

It really all depends on which way summer school goes. I have some lesson plans already for the subject I'm teaching (US I - from the beginning to after the Civil War) but I have three hour classes for 20 days, so I'll be working to find the best ways to teach that material! And, that, as I have hinted at, has the potential to be very stressful. Not to mention (hopefully) job interviews and training for the 5K in August. Plus tutorials for the Lantern-a-long! Well, we'll see how it all goes.

Modernista Fabric Pull - Summer '13

Either way, I have one main goal that has a deadline at the end of July: make a mini quilt and smaller item (pouch and/or tote bag) for the Modernista Homemade swap. I already posted my fabric selection on flickr, based on my partner's likes!

I started cutting and sewing 3.5" squares of the fabrics... can you guess what I'm making? (hint: it's not patchwork!)

I would LIKE to make progress on:
1. Secret quilt for the hubby (I started cutting the other day :D  but I can't work on this while he's around, for obvious reasons - don't worry, it's hidden)
2. Throw retirement quilt - gathering signature squares from people right now - I'll be able to share more about this later in the summer - due end of August
3. Quilt for the wife of one of the Arizona firefighters (more soon) - due by end of August
4. Mom's quilt - the never-ending WIP - I'm scared of sewing curves :(
5. Quilting my lantern quilt
6. Quilt for 100 Quilts for Kids (more soon) - due end of September
7. Quilting my wedding quilt - actually, I plan to have this done ON SATURDAY at our guild retreat, where I can spread out :) Hopefully!!!
8. Tangled mini quilt for my sister
9. Three commission t-shirt quilts

Aaaand, you know, the never-ending other projects stashed away. But this is the current list :)

What are you working on during this never-ending heat wave (well, that's how it feels here in Jersey!)?

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  1. I'm guessing hst! My dad is a city firefighter--has been for like 30 years, so my heart really goes out to those families! Making them a quilt is such a great way to show that people they don't know are thinking of them, and want to show them comfort in some way. I look forward to seeing the one you're going to make!

  2. Good luck training for your 5k! That sounds exciting. Have you seen this training chart?

    May I ask, what's that teal fabric with the multi colored raindrops on it? It's so pretty :)

  3. Wow! Popping over from a Lovely Year of put me to shame with my one measly little goal. Can't wait to follow along and see your progress!

  4. Good luck on your goals for this month!

  5. I also have goals coming out of my ears. But top of the list is my mums birthday quilt (just basting, quilting and binding to go), cuddle quilts for my kids, and getting going with my lanterns. All the while keeping up with kids and work. No summer hols right now for Australia. My hubby got a snow warning from my car this morning which is just a little crazy on the coast of Newcastle.
    I'm keen to see how you go with the 5k. I do a 5k run/walk every Saturday with "park run" it's great fun. I'm getting close to running all but my warm up. Hopefully by spring I will be on track. The couch to 5k that was suggested by someone else earlier is a great way to start.
    Hope your month goes well.


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