Friday, July 19, 2013

If you and I had coffee today...

I would tell you, with ultimate glee, that today was the first day in two weeks (aghhh) that I got some sewing time in! It totally relaxes me to the max and I really need to get better at managing my time/stress this summer.

If you and I had coffee today, I would tell you that I absolutely love how my living room looks right now. Flowers everywhere, thanks to my mom and husband:

And a new bookshelf! 


My books were literally overflowing on that brown one next to it, so I ordered from Target online. Mike put it together yesterday and I'm totally in love. I split it up into five categories, from the top: historical fiction, fiction, personal/cooking/crafts, my Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings collection, and history/school.

I am totally stoked because it feels like it completes the entire room! Plus, I'm working on embellishing the fabric in those embroidery hoops  - eventually, they'll be on the wall :) However, I'm really starting to like them on the bookshelf... thoughts?

If you and I had coffee today, I would tell you that I'm getting anxious about my three interviews coming up this week! One is a second interview and I'm just crossing all the fingers and toes! I have a lot of prep work to do for them, too. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

If you and I had coffee today, I'd try to convince you to do some grading for me. LOL :) And tell you that I'm so happy I've been to the gym the last 3 out of 4 days! I'd also express my extreme excitement/anxiety about the 5K in 2 weeks!

If you and I had coffee today,  I'd tell you that my husband fried eggplant tonight and we made our specialty: homemade white pizza with the eggplant on top. He's convinced the picture I took of him above it meant to be a Panko ad. Silly husbands. :) Anyway, we'll probably watch one of the 8 billion Doctor Who episodes I keep bugging him to rewatch with me. Lol :)

Go ahead, convince me that you don't want to try it!

FINALLY, I would tell you that when I got this text this morning:

Marisa (sister): You got a package!

I replied with:
Me: Omg. Is it from QuiltHome????

And she replied with: Yes.

And I immediately put down my sewing and went to pick up this:

Heaven. In. A. Box. I really think Anna Maria Horner is some kind of angel sent from fabric heaven.

Hope you're having a wonderful start to the weekend as well!

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  1. I love the fabric in the hoops. Mits the first thing i saw. Keep 'em on the bookshelf...i'm pinning this idea!


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