Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Falling Up" - a Mini Quilt

Today I'm celebrating what I DID get done this month while I was so busy with summer school and interviews- my Modernista Homemade secret swap package (theme: bedroom).

See what's falling up (in the picture below)? That was an accident :) I like to name my quilts after accidents and embrace the disaster.

At first I took in my partner's likes and decided on just blue and green with white. I started putting the wonky stars together (from Oh Fransson's Sparkle Punch QAL tutorial), which is a pattern I always wanted to try.

 Ironically, Pam just posted about this, too - the myth that blue and green don't go well together... I thought they were going together, but that something was missing... even when I varied it up by making the stars white and the backgrounds scrappy.

Enter red, another favorite color of my partner! It added the PERFECT amount of pizzazz to the quilt, along with the pops of navy and the Simply Colored navy binding - do you agree? I could almost see my tiny but mighty red stash smiling :)

I made it reversible for the first time. I had a hankering to join in on the pixelated hearts bandwagon and just made up my own small version with extra 3" squares. I used a pretty Jennifer Paganelli fabric for the rest of the backing. Finally, I used my friend Renee's double sided hanging sleeve tutorial - so easy to follow and very clear! I, however, clearly wasn't completely awake when I did this:

Just keepin' it real. Look, I was even ready to sew the binding to the other side before I noticed. :(
After lots of threatening and possibly a tear or two, I took out all the binding and hanging sleeve stitches and sewed it to the correct side. Unfortunately, that took about 30 minutes. I really need to pay more attention the first time! 

I had SO much fun quilting this one - several of the star backgrounds got individual treatment, while the others were quilted in straight diagonal lines. It makes for a nice visual contrast. Angela Walters' newest book is still a constant source of inspiration for me. In fact, I quilted the actual star points per her suggestion.

 Love quilting different-sized pebbles now. Makes for a nice texture, too :)

Plus, I LOVE how you can see all the quilting on the back! I've always loved that... and this time, with all of the color, I decided to stick with white thread.

My husband wanted to keep this one and even picked out a place to hang it in our apartment... lol. Nice try. It's off to my partner, along with another small gift, which I hesitate to share until she receives it... she'll know it's for her!

And, of course, the short montage of photoshoot pictures:

I'll be sharing my swap goodies later this week! Boy, am I pleased :D

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  1. Very nice finish. I think the red was a good addition, too! And I loooove the navy. The Sparkle Punch pattern is one of my favorites, you did a great job!

  2. Your quilting is fabulous! Its so fun to go all out like that on a quilt that's a manageable size! :)

  3. I love it! Great job as always Jessica!

  4. You did a WONDERFUL job, the quilting is Amazing and the fact that it's reversible and you took the time to make a perfect sleeve is Fabulous. I LOVE the Red addition to the sparkle punch! You have a very lucky partner. I would love to be so lucky to find this is my mail box.

  5. What a fab piece, don't you just love the textures fmq brings to a project? Smashing fabric and colour choices too :)

  6. Love how you nested those stars together. And the red was just the perfect addition.

  7. I think the red is a perfect addition to the quilt!! and I love your heart on the back, what a great idea for a little something special on the backing!!

  8. What fabulous quilting! I had to look really, really hard to see what was falling up LOL Such a lovely quilt, well done :)

  9. What a cute mini! Love the colors and stars and quilting! Glad the sleeve got worked out! I'm sure your partner will really like it :-)

  10. Looks great. Good job on the quilting.

  11. I love how you've added red to the blue / green mix, Jess. It works well and your quilting is amazing.

  12. Love the addition of the red and your quilting is fantastic! Great work!

  13. I really love the fact that the stars are white and the background is colored in this quilt. Your quilting looks amazing and the red was the perfect pop of brightness!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  14. This. Is. Fabulous. Seriously -- fantastic job. I love it!!

  15. Great quilt, I am sure your partner will be delighted with it, I would be :)

  16. Great little quilt! You swap partner will be delighted, I am sure!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  17. You're husband is right - you need one for your apartment! It is fantastic!

  18. Lovely work Jess, despite the hiccups along the way!


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