Sunday, May 1, 2011

All together now! and summer sewing plans

My rainbow Dresdens are done! I love the way they look all together! I wanted to take some pictures outside, but it was raining. I'll save it for when the final quilt is done.

All I have to do is make them into blocks - I'll be using Kona White - and I'll be putting a scrappy border around each one (or the whole quilt - I haven't decided). This will also be in rainbow colors.

There are seven Dresdens - what about the other blocks? Well, this is my plan right now:

I'm still working with it. What do you think? Any suggestions?


So, my summer sewing plans are as follows:
(I'm linking up with others over at FairyFace Designs :) )

1. Finish the quilt top for the wedding quilt. The back won't be finished until 2012, because I want people at our wedding to sign it, in a guest book fashion.

2. Finish quilt for my now 4-year-old niece - this needs to be done by the beginning of June, so this weekend I will work on it, and when I get back from my trip. The reds are lady bugs, and the other scraps are where I'm tentatively sewing flowers.

3. Start a dress (for me!) I have the pattern and all the supplies, but I haven't started at all. I've just been oohing and aahing over the fabric.

4. Finish a t-shirt quilt for my friend Julie.

5. Work on my 3 Pay It Forward projects. I'm still thinking about what to do...

6. Start a Central Park quilt - for me :) My favorite fabric right now. I just love the purple.

7. And from there, I'll be starting other quilts that I have yet to publicly announce :o)

Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts
I'm also linking up to Lily's Quilts - the Dresdens were definitely my favorite creation this month!

I have finals all this week (soooo busy) but I'll be posting much more starting this Thursday! I'm almost a senior in college now!


  1. Ooh, you're going to be busy! Can't wait to see what you do with your Central Park, its such lovely fabric. And your quilts in progress look lovely, love those Dresdens and such a lovely idea for a wedding quilt. Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Those rainbow dresdens are wonderful!

  3. Oh I am in love with your dresdens! They remind me of sunflowers :) Congrats on your up-coming wedding & good luck on finals! Found you through FairyFace Designs :)

  4. Your dresdens look so great together. I love rainbows so seeing them like that moves me. SO COOL!

  5. I think the Dresen's are magnificent and you are an amazing quilter!

  6. My, it seems like a busy summer of sewing for you!


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