Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why you should always label your quilts

I was reading about the recent storms in the U.S. South, and came across this interesting article on the New York Times - about how Facebook is helping people gather their memories that had blown away with the tornadoes.

One story that specifically caught my eye:
"A woman who lost her home in the tiny town of Phil Campbell, Ala., claimed her homemade quilt found in Athens, Ala., nearly 50 miles away: 'Phil Campbell Class of 2000,' it read."

Can you believe that? I wonder how the label was attached to the quilt - it must have been pretty sturdy.

Just thought I would share. I'm thinking of the people who lost loved ones, houses, and belongings.


  1. That is really something---I have labeled just about all of mine with the exception of two.

  2. That is fascinating! Thanks for sharing.


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