Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fabric for Jamie Dress Sew Along @ Sew Sweetness!

I've had a gift card to my local quilt shop (Pennington Quilt Works) for a few months now. Surprised I held out this long? Me too. As I said before, I really wanted to participate in this sew along, but I'm going to make the dress on my own time. So, I went to buy the fabric, zipper, elastic, and little extras I need to make the quilt - on a much-needed afternoon break from college. Now, I all I need is my sewing machine!

I can't wait to start. Hopefully it will look just like this - one of Sara's versions:

I think I want to do the middle band in a light solid purple, similar to the zipper. Opinions? Or maybe... orange?

I would love to finish it before I go to Europe - and I'm booking my flight tomorrow!


  1. Well...you certainly have alot to look forward to, the bag will definitely come in handy and the dress would just be the added touch to a fun time.

  2. Hmmm I think the purple if you want a classy look, and the orange if you want to "zing" it up a bit! Good luck with the dress - keep us posted on progress!

  3. That dress is really pretty, looking forward to seeing your version come to life :)


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