Monday, October 8, 2018


Change is in the air with fall in the USA and the quilting world (did you see Amy Butler is leaving the quilt industry, for example?). But change is good. If you read The Wonky Press, my bimonthly email newsletter for the past 3 years and 73 issues, you might have seen that the last issue just went out on 10/2.

Writing and editing the newsletter was a huge, important, thrilling part of my life, but with a drastic change in my free time (new job and about 10 hours commuting each week), I feel unable to keep up the quality of such a publication right now.

The good part about this is that I'll be taking better care of myself with less time on the computer writing and seeking out links (often, links to cool quilty stuff just pop up, but I'm finding myself much less on Facebook and Instagram in general, so there's a need to hunt around).

The other good part for you (if you're reading this) is that I still plan to blog and post on Instagram. Blogging will probably be 1 or 2 times a week, maximum, and I'm not holding myself to a schedule. But I promise to keep documenting my quilty journey here and interacting/participating in the online quilting community. If you'd like to read more about why I closed the newsletter, click here to read the last issue (yes, even though my newsletter account is deleted, you can still access issues! Here's a link to many of the recent ones).

I'm genuinely thrilled to have gotten to know so many of you through the newsletter. I realize this announcement might come as a surprise to many of you. I think I've responded to all emails and comments about this so far - thank you so much for all your understanding and support!

Additionally, I'm taking a break from lecturing and teaching quilting in 2019 and until further notice. I need some time to recalibrate from so much traveling and planning. This year was meant to be a bit less busy than 2017, and it turned out to be more so! Thank you SO much to all the guilds who have emailed me and would like to book me. I will certainly let you know in the future if/when I am booking engagements again. I have updated my Classes and Lectures page to reflect this change.
 Pumpkin Pie quilt, made for my mom last year, which is bringing up a lot of memories right now (click the link to read the quilt story).

Other new things! On Instagram (I'm @quiltyhabit), I'm starting to document gratitudes. It might be daily, but just like above, I'm not putting any pressure on myself. If you're a newsletter reader who really enjoyed hearing about what TV shows I'm watching/what books I'm reading/what music I'm listening to, I'll include them on IG here and there. Here's the first post. And yes, I want to hear what you're grateful for, too. :)

Stay tuned for some real blog posts! I'll be participating in two huge projects this fall (one in Massachusetts and one here in NJ), plus I'll have information on an exciting quilt exhibit my friends and I got juried into. Plus - 4 quilts to share, and 2 are for the Quilting Modern Quilts blog series!


  1. I'm sad to see your newsletter go but it's totally understandable that you would need to pull back once you start a job with a commute. I'm hoping your enjoying it!

  2. You still sound mighty busy to me!😊

  3. I'm happy that you'll be taking care of YOU!! Self-care is sooo important, and so often forgotten. <3

    (And Massachusetts...? Details please!!)

  4. Jessica, Yes, you are making me sad all over again. I have loved your wonky newsletter. Were your ears ringing because, I wrote a recent blog post mentioning some other quilting changes along with yours. I hope the jew job is something exciting that will help you feel fulfilled. Best of luck always but don't be a stranger please. Elana

  5. Excited by the idea of blog posts - it will be like the old days LOL. Hope it simplifies your life.

  6. Changes are hard, even when they are good decisions. I find it hard to pause and reevaluate, glad you have and wish you the best .

  7. I am happy for you and sad for the rest of us in the quilty world. I am glad you see what you have to do to make things work best for you. I loved following you and reading your newsletter. I feel a big change in the world of quilting but not sure where it is going to go. I hope that blogging doesn't go away. I find it so much more informational and intimate than instagram though I like that too. I know a few quilter/teachers have considered or done video teaching so they don't have to leave home so much. I think this might be a great way to bring a teach from a long ways away to a guild or group. Maybe you would consider something like this?

  8. So sad the newsletter has ended, but totally understand. Quality is important, and your newsletter was always quality information (as are your blog posts). So glad that you are taking better care of yourself and the new job. As always, looking forward to your blog posts.


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