Wednesday, September 26, 2018

All Squared In: Quilting Modern Quilts Blog Series

This is the 4th of 6 quilts that I'm sharing as part of a series this summer/fall, which explores ways to quilt modern, more minimalistic quilts (than what I usually make). To read a detailed introduction to the blog series, click here. Quilts featured so far: Electrify, Intersection, and Building Blocks.

Happy fall! While the last two quilts of the series are a bit more autumnal/wintery, I still have to share this summery project here. This unconventionally-colored baby quilt was an exciting one for me in my exploration of sewing solely with solids (say THAT four times fast).

 I started making it based on the simple idea of two squares changing size and four very bright, bold colors. Northcott had the exact shades I was looking for in their Colorworks Premium Solids. My favorite is that lovely royal blue, which I also used for the binding and backing (see pictures further down this post).

 Original quilt mockup

My affinity for solid fabrics and their infinite combinations has proven to be a catalyst for pre-thinking (a lot) about the actual quilting. I decided to quilt the blues in curves (swirls, braids, pebbles, and the like) and the oranges/yellows in angles (tessellated triangles, zigzags, and lines). I think it gives some order to the quilt, whether the observer realizes it or not! Plus, it was just pleasing to quilt in this way. 

 I used Aurifil Threads, in slightly lighter shades, to quilt up these soft fabrics. I want all of my hard quilting work to show up, not hide in the fabrics! :) Though, the great thing about quilting with solids is that no matter what thread shade, you'll always get LOTS of texture.

 So, just remember - quilting modern quilts doesn't have to be confusing or difficult. Find a way to organize it for yourself and go from there!
At lectures, I've presented this quilt as a basic example of a minimalist log cabin quilt (at least, how a log cabin can be put together). It's a pattern that requires just a beginner level of quilting expertise; I'm certainly not the first to make a quilt with just squares and borders. The best part about this: you can really bring it to life with quilting if you so choose ("quilt it to life" not "quilt it to death!"). As a baby quilt, it definitely has a lot of potential and fluff. Believe it or not, the quilting doesn't make it too stiff.
And since the backing is all in solid, just LOOK at how the quilting shows up! I love!!
 And with that, I hope this quilt ends up with a baby who perhaps has a bit of a modern take on life (we're not talking pastel blues and pinks here, people. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but hey, there are lots of options! :) Like bright purple. Just saying).

Thank you so much to Northcott Fabrics for sponsoring the fabric, The Warm Company for Warm and Natural batting, and Aurifil Thread for the 50 weight threads. All opinions about materials are my own, honest ones.


  1. That royal blue is definitely swoon-worthy! I love how solids allow the quilting to shine and how you explored rounding verses straight / linear motifs in the different colors.

  2. I love that royal blue too. In fact, I think I have some of it :) I love how you organized the quilting and all the different motifs you used. It's a fabulous baby quilt!

  3. The design of the patchwork is great and all that delicious quilting... Thank you for all the inspiration this series is providing :-)

  4. Really enjoyed hearing how you quilted it by color.


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