Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A letter to quilted pebbles

Dear Quilted Pebbles,

You are my favorite quilting motif, hands down. I'm not quite sure what it is about you that makes me want to quilt you all the time. After all, you use up an exorbitant amount of thread. You make my shoulders hurt. Plus, you take a long time to quilt. And when there's a tension mishap, the un-sewing takes even longer.

My current Pantone Quilt Challenge project - more next week.

But, you create AMAZING texture. There are a million different options for creating you (small, large, mixed, oblong, circular, in a line, as a filler, as a cascade... I could go on).

I'll never forget the first time I tried quilting you back in 2012. I wanted to create a cobblestone path like the one I had walked on in Prague. So, I just went for it, and I was hooked.

All in all, pebbles, I'll always do the hard work to make you happen. Never change.



  1. I think pebbles are my husband's favorite. :) Also, I love this love letter!

  2. Your quilts are beautiful and the variety of pebbles is amazing. Thank you for sharing your up-close photos.

  3. Your love of quilting is inspiring. . . but your love of small round rocks is a bit disturbing ;)

  4. I love 'love' letters! I'm in full agreement that pebbles are amazing! For me, knowing that they don't have to be perfect to achieve the look is my favorite part of pebbles!

  5. I love pebbles too and agree that they take a huge amount of time and thread :)

  6. I love pebbles too :) They're kind of mesmerizing once you get going!


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