Sunday, April 10, 2016

Quilting in GIFs: Quilt Retreat Edition

Next week is the third annual Mid-Atlantic MOD Quilting Retreat in Lancaster, PA. The Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild, Philly MQG, North Jersey MQG, Baltimore MQG, DC MQG, and local quilty friends will be sewing together for 4 days. I am so psyched!

So, in MOD's honor, here's part 2 of Quilting in GIFs: Quilt Retreat edition (see Part 1 here). It applies to anyone who is looking forward to or recovering from a quilt retreat. Alternately, maybe it will convince you to sign up for one. :) Feel free to share with your sewing friends!

Making the nonrefundable deposit several months in advance

Getting psyched with your quilt friends beforehand

Getting your secret swap partner

Driving away from your house

Wheeling all your sewing stuff in

Reuniting with your quilty friends

 Fabric shopping with your buddies

The rest of the weekend

Leaving on Sunday night

The Monday after, when your partner asks how you are

How you really feel


  1. These could not be any more accurate! I am crying-laughing over here!

  2. Haahahah SO true, I love all the Friends references! Except the swap one. My last retreat swap: and then: and then:

  3. I just laughed so hard! Thanks so much for that!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is so so great!


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