Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Stash

This week was our Modern Quilt Guild meeting, so I was able to shop in person at my local quilt shop (LQS), Pennington Quilt Works. I've had my eye on a few stash builders lately (all I really needed was the white solid on the bottom right). Plus, I had my birthday month coupon!

From top left clockwise: two 1 yard prints from Garden Secrets by Sarah Watson (amazing binding pieces), two half yard prints of Alison Glass Abacus low volume, 1 half yard of the Greek Key print from Fibs and Fables by Anna Maria Horner (a blue I'm lacking), 1 yard of solid white Free Spirit solid (for a project) and 1 yard of the newspaper print from Story by Carrie Bloomston (which I've loved and used before in Home).

I haven't felt *so* guilty about buying fabric lately because I've been using it so much. I really go through certain colors, like blue and green. My low volume stash finally feels at a comfortable level, so I can dive right into a couple of projects in the new year.

No regrets.

Also, our CJMQG meeting featured a solid swap. Those who participated bought a yard of any color solid, cut it up into (24) 6x10" pieces, and brought them to swap. It turned out we had 23 members participating, so everyone received each color plus their own! It's pretty amazing how we ALL chose relatively saturated colors that blend together so nicely! Members can use their fabric bricks to create anything and share in April. What a beautiful rainbow. I can't wait to experiment with these.

Picture by @kathyonemily on Instagram (Kathleen) - I bet you can guess which fabric I chose ;) (eggplant by Free Spirit fabrics, my favorite solid brand)

It was an exciting stash week. Once Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander comes in, I'll be placing a Hawthorne Threads order for that and a couple selections from Blueberry Park (and I just received a birthday gift card from my uncle - yay!).

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  1. Birthday months are the best for fabrics! I'm hoping to get my hands on some of the Abacus. That rainbow fabric swap is a great idea. My guide is having a lot of issues lately...I wish they did more fun stuff.

  2. Oh! That Garden Secrets by Sarah Watson is gorgeous! I think I'd find all kinds of ways to use that, but you are right it would be awesome for binding.

  3. Oh, how nice that you get a birthday month coupon from your LQS - that's brilliant. I love, love, love the solids grouping that your group created. I hope you can share all the fun things made with that great combination. :)

  4. I don't recall seeing the Garden Secrets, I love that. Looks like your guild had a very successful swap!

  5. Nice picks. I love that abacus print with just the tiny colorful medallion. You're going to have some beauties to look at in April with that lovely selection of solids. I'll have to watch the CJMQG blog to see those! I had no idea that Free spirit was your favorite solids (learn something new every day!)

  6. Amazing idea, the solid swap. Those coordinate so well, you guys must be a tight knit (errr, tightly sewn?) group. Have fun with Garden Secrets!


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