Monday, April 27, 2015

X Marks the Spot - A Mini Quilt

Making mini quilts is a lot of fun. Making mini quilts for friends is even better.

 Liz and I became friends a little more than a year ago, when we were getting ready to attend Mid-Atlantic Mod retreat for the first time. She found out about the retreat here on the blog (I'm SO glad!). Since we hung out pretty much all weekend a year ago in Lancaster, PA, we've been in touch about fabric (lots and lots of fabric), our projects, and our real lives. We've also "Skyped and sewn" a few times (she's in Maryland and I'm in New Jersey). It's easy to say that Liz is one of my best quilty friends. 

We decided to organize a private swap (the best kind, IMHO) in anticipated of this year's retreat (which happened over the past weekend - I posted a lot of pics on my Instagram [@quiltyhabit]!). She promised to make me an Aeroplane Bag since I haven't summoned the bravery to sew legitimate bags yet, and I promised to make her a "mini" quilt for her new sewing room. Seriously, look at the amazing bag she made me. Omg. Yes, that is AMH patchwork and purple shot cotton. I'll take more pics soon!

For the mini quilt: she loves the colors from the Priory Square fabric line by Katy Jones, so I decided to centralize the main print and surround it with the metallic roses. It needed something else, though, which is where the cross stitch block by Alyssa Lichner in color order came into play. It just worked well, and I did a little quilty math to make it all come together. I added the off-white in the borders to rest the eyes and bring out the neutral in all that busy. I think it works (it looks better in person - it was hard to capture by camera).

Liz requested lots of free motion quilting, so I couldn't resist small pebbles. I've been pebbling a lot lately and I just love it. Plus, my skills improve each time.

Quilty goodness on the back. Hopefully Liz will enjoy this quilt for a long while!

Thanks for a thrilling swap, Liz, and I had a great 4-day weekend hanging out with you!

I have a whole bunch of blog posts lined up now! I'll post a full recap or two of Mid-Atlantic Mod at some point this week.

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  1. This is such a pretty mini! I thought you'd done a dark mod-corsage type center, but no! Your quilting on the center panel really made it come alive. Those little Xs are so cute, great place for pebbling!

  2. Oh I love what you made! This is really unique and special! Good for you for getting your bag too - you're both winners!

  3. What an awesome swap! I love how happy you both look with what you received. I second what Renee said: it totally looks like a mod-corsage center with the way you quilted it - awesome!!

  4. What a really great swap. I love all the little details on the quilt you made and your new bag looks awesome.

  5. This mini is awesome! I love the incorporation of the organic flower details with the graphic Xs.

  6. Awwww you are the best! I love this mini and will cherish it forever! Its going to love in my office so I can look at it all day :) thank you so much, dear friend 💖

    1. Boo blogger doesn't like my hrat emoji <3

  7. Hi Jessica, I wanted to stop by and thank you for the presentation at LIMOD last week, you were great. I love the mini quilt, the priory square is so pretty! Lucky swap for both of you, the bag is super with the AMH fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Such happy faces! Thanks for sharing. What kind of fabric is on the bottom of the bag? From the pic, it does not look like cotton, but maybe pleather of vinyl, or maybe it's polished cotton.

  9. Re read your post. Seems that the bottom of the bag is purple shot cotton - thus the shine. Thanks again for sharing your exchange.

  10. It makes my heart feel sooo good to hear of more friendships being forged through not only love of this crazy passion we share, quilting, but also through the sharing we do in blogging. I've made some dear friends, and I hope to do like you did, meet them in the not-too-distant future. Such beautiful gifts you made each other. :-)


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