Monday, October 6, 2014

To Teach, Part 1

Guess what, guys? I taught my first sewing class and LOVED IT. :)

This summer I decided that, gosh darn it, I wanted to teach people how to sew. In person. I decided to ask Jan, the owner of my LQS (local quilt shop), Pennington Quilt Works, if she needed any more teachers. Not only did she want me to teach my improv orange peel quilt, but she chose a few other projects of mine for future classes. Plus, I was offered a chance to work at the shop on a substitute basis. It's been thrilling to say the least! How crazy is it to get paid for something you love to do? Over the last year, I've gotten better at pursuing what I really want, and I have to say I'm more than happy with the results. Thanks to Jan for a chance to do this.

Anyway, tonight was the first of 2 classes  and it was all about the orange peel technique I love - "stitch and flip." We had a full house (8)! Many of my students are making baby quilts, though some are making wall-hangings or quilts with no immediate purpose. I explained a bit about the thought/technique that went into Scatter and led a demo (with constant assessments - see, I'm a teacher at heart!).


Then, students went on their way to make at least 3 fully fused orange peels tonight. Most went on to start more and began to rethink their color choices for the next stage (semi-planned improv piecing of the background). I found myself giving more advice and suggestions about design than about the orange peel process itself. I snapped some pictures of my students working with their permission. It was a fun night!

Thanks to Robin for taking some awesome photos of me teaching. Robin and Carol from my guild were there as part of the class. :) I'm lucky to have such supportive friends. I can't wait to share more of my students' work in two weeks! In the meantime, they have homework to do (make about 30 peels)!

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  1. Very cool! So glad it went well and you enjoyed it so much!

  2. Hey, that's so cool. Room looks familiar ;)

  3. Congratulations! That sounds like a fun class I would love to sign up for!

  4. I'm so glad everything went well. It seems as if both the teacher and the students had a blast. And can I just say how much I love Scatter? Just a glimpse of the Postage Due back makes me swoon. : )

  5. So fun! Congratulations on an awesome turn-out. I know you were amazing!!!! <3 Cant wait to see what other projects you have up your sleeve to teach :)

    1. P.S. It's awesome that they're asking about design and stuff too and that the class just isn't all about technique :)

  6. I was sewing last night and thinking about your class, totally there in spirit! Wish I could have actually been there, it sounds like such fun!

  7. This is such a fun project. I can understand why it went so well. Good for you!

  8. Nothing like taking a step forward and loving where you land up. Congratulations.

  9. Amazing what comes to you when you ask!!! You obviously love teaching sewing - it's written all over your face! Totally cool that they are looking for more then just the surface information of making this quilt!! Have a blast!!!

  10. I'm glad to hear such a good news even though I knew you do great!

  11. Congratulations, Jessica! This is awesome news. So glad to hear you are enjoying teaching!


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