Monday, August 4, 2014

The One Where She Altered Clothing

At this point, I probably have no reason at all to be scared of avoid sewing clothing, but the fact remains that I just don't do it (though I have acquired quite a stash of garment fabric!). A few days ago I got out all of my Socialite Dress supplies with the intent of working on it, and I felt overwhelmed just glancing at the pages of directions. People tell me it's fast and easy once you get going, but so far I'd much rather piece a quilt block or free motion quilt my heart out (new slogan my sister and I came up with today: quilt hard or go home).

I successfully altered two pairs of work pants earlier in the year, and this was just the next logical step: take a purple maxi dress (it's too big and I never wear it anymore), shorten it up, and create a cute roll-over jersey skirt to wear around the house. Doable, no?

I cut out the skirt based on a current skirt I love that fits well!

I loosely followed this tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas. I used a ballpoint needle, my quarter inch foot, and Aurifil 50 weight thread with great success. However, when it came to hemming the bottom, only my walking foot and a universal needle did the job. I actually put it away for a couple of days because I was so frustrated (see - sewing clothing so far has not been the most enjoyable experience!). Today I was clearing off my ironing board and figured it was time to try again. And, all was well. I didn't even need elastic - the roll over band took care of that!

A few years from now I'll probably sewing clothes like crazy... I'll look back on this time and laugh... :P We'll see... what are your tips for garment sewing?


  1. Try adding a strip of Steam-a-Seam to stabilize that hem before sewing it.

  2. That dress is cute, but the skirt is more wearable, and looks so comfy! I had to buy some more thread from Hawthorne Threads and was seriously thinking about getting more garment fabric, haha. One of these days I'll start using my stash. If we lived closer we could have a little "I made it myself" party where everyone has to wear clothing they made! Having a deadline and time to show off might help get us motivated! For now I'll consider QuiltCon that opportunity :-)

  3. I make garb for Dagorhir and I will do anything to avoid putting in a zipper. Love the skirt, it looks so comfy!


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