Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Fresh Sewing Day and Goals

I tend to look at each new year as a new "quilt" year, too. Last month, whenever holiday project making felt quite overwhelming, I consoled myself with the idea that January was just around a corner. A fresh start indeed. :)

1. "Diamond in the Rough", 2. "Blizzard" string quilt, 3. Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey Doctor Who Embroidery, 4. CJMQG blocks - January

While I only had these finishes this month, I am really proud of all of them. I also posted two really intensive posts here: Why you should visit your Modern Quilt Guild and My Free Motion Journey. Plus, I started a couple other projects: the Botanic trees quilt (some recent progress is on Instagram) and my Radiant Orchid Challenge!

This month, my goal is to finish the challenge quilt. I'm actually thinking about entering one in the mini and one in the quilt category (or if it's not finished, "just the top"), so you'll have to see which category this ends up in...

February is going to be awesome. It will be my first meeting as president of the CJMQG! I'm visit the NJMQG and Ashley! Plus, our bee is starting! It will certainly be busy (and hopefully warmer!).


  1. i love everything you've made this month! i can't wait to see what you make for the bee! i have to get started :)

  2. President?! that rocks!!

    Good luck with your challenge can do it...I know it;)

  3. Nice finishes. I think we should focus on the fun we have along the way rather than the size or quantity of the finishes. There is a lot less preasure that way.

  4. LOVE the diamond in the rough and Dr Who make-such fun! Can't wait to see your radiant orchid masterpiece. xo

  5. Your work is amazing! love the Dr Who embroidery!I

  6. your stuff is always so creative! I can't wait to see what Feb brings! I'm so behind on blog reading from vacation, must go catch up now!

  7. You accomplished a lot! I love the embroidery , it rocks.


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