Sunday, February 9, 2014

Decorating with Embroidery Hoops: Project Color My Apartment

I've always been smitten with pictures of embroidery hoops (see my board on Pinterest, for example). I started to embroider about a year and a half ago, and I've been hanging the hoops up around the new apartment. Luckily the husband doesn't seem to mind too much. He's used to it by now. ;) Anyway, embroidery hoops can really brighten up a room with patterns and colors.

First, I chose to decorate our bedroom. I realize that the wedding quilt is quite colorful itself, but I love colors on the wall, too (plus, there is way. too. much. white. wall. without them). At first, Mike said it reminded him of a kid's room (and yes, I would definitely like to do something like this is in the far future), but I think it's grown on him (or he just knows it makes me happy and he'll let it be :) ). I even used guitar fabric on his side of the bed (I believe it is Michael Miller?). The fabrics are all some of my favorites ever, and they each have a bit of my own stitching.

 Before it was finished. AMH just *gets* me, I swear. Right, Ashley?

Yes, I need to make a bedskirt!
 I might play around more with the hoops, especially when I switch quilts around. They are just hanging by thread and Command Hooks, so no big deal. You might remember these embroideries sat on my bookshelf in the old apartment (I loved that):

I also hung up some special embroideries in my sewing room: "Always" (pattern by Rebecca @ Sew Festive Handmade), one of my favorite Loulouthi prints that I embroidered over, and "Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey" (original design). Mike took these pictures of my somewhat-chaotic-but-cheerful sewing/desk area. :)

Finally, the Nyan Cat resides on top of Mike's desk. Is an army of embroidery hoops taking over your house, too?

Look for the last linky party for SWC (goal post) on Sunday night.


  1. I totally got on the embroidery hood band wagon a couple of years ago, but I just put pretty fabrics in them. Right now they're all hanging in the kid's rooms (actually we had to take down the ones in my son's room, which is a shame cuz he has the biggest). I'll put some photos on IG for ya later :-)

  2. At least your hubby doesn't tease you about your fabric being old lady! Mine does it all the time and then I show him old lady and he says yeah that is old lady too. I tell him all the time, my stash is all MODERN!! Silly guy lol

    I love all your pops of color throughout the apt. It freshens things up and makes a bold statement with very little cost!

  3. Now I know what to do with orphan blocks I don't have the heart to throw out ~ fabulous idea!

  4. It's a great way to frame small stitcheries, quickly and inexpensively. And easy to change one one is tired of them!

  5. That's cute. Just loved every one of those embroidery hoops.


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