Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday

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I'm scattered with projects this week, just as my brain seems to operate on a daily basis. I'm having trouble focusing on one thing, which is probably due to the fact that the holidays are so soon and there are a million and one things to be finished (and started... gulp).

 I'm just going to leave this one here... because it's been a focus. No further comments at the moment. Soon, though!

I've also been working on bee blocks for the CJMQG. This improv block was so freeing and wonderful - for Carol.

The next block was a challenge for me, and with some in-person help, I think I'm finally "getting" the concept of reverse applique. I think I might have to redo the bigger circle (of course, the first one I did and the one most ridden with wrinkles and "mistakes"). I probably wouldn't redo it if it was just for me, but my friend Sandy is important to me! Maybe when I'm in the right state of mind, since we (that is, applique and I) need a little break. PSA - this picture (and the nighttime) makes the block look worse than it actually is :)

Just to calm myself a bit, a did some (more?) birthday shopping... because Pennington Quilt Works, my LQS, has a birthday club... yay!

I've been eyeing up the shot cottons for a special project involving home decor. The husband is even going to learn to sew for this (I know, right!!?!? Like, he really wants to!), so I had to buy the fabric. See how they shimmer? Omg. I'm 99% sure these are all Kaffe.

I also FINALLY got yardage of Architextures since I realized I am going to be a queen bee in February, and that my blocks require some yummy low volumes. The history teacher in me couldn't resist the green topography-map-like fabric, and the purple/orchid/newsprint Collage is just... stunning. Have I mentioned I'm a bit of a stasher?

Also, at the meeting, my friend Lori showed off the scarves she was making out of AMH flannel for the holidays. At the end of the meeting, she decided to give one to me as a birthday present. That was one of the sweetest gestures ever! She said it's because she knew how much I would appreciate it :) Well, it's true. I am a sucker for AMH. Thanks, Lori! <3 By the way, Lori and I are thinking of doing a Medallion quilt, AMH style next year. Think about joining us?

 Yes, these are pajamas, and yes, I was really cold!

Hopefully I'll gain some semblance of order by the weekend. So, is your week as scatterbrained as mine? 



  1. I'm banned from buying fabric right now. Yours is lovely though!

  2. My week has been scattered but not as bad as last week. You see, WM and I have started walking for 30 minutes before he goes to work and that means getting up three hours earlier than I used to: at 4:50am! So I'm tired all day (but getting better) and slowly getting used to the idea of going to bed at 8:30!

  3. Yes! Last week we had emergency dentist and doctor appts for my kids - both are ok, lots of blood and theatrics for what turned out to be minor injuries : P Anyway, I was already feeling pretty stressed by time and commitments and then that just took my brain and finished scrambling it nicely. This week I am all over the place scattered trying to get back to my groove so I can finish (and start, too!) the last of my Christmas projects. I need a pause button for the clock! Hope we all get our projects completed : )

  4. Hubby is going to learn to sew? That must be some fab project! Those solids are awesome, and I love Arcitextures. I just bought some Botanics and I love them.

  5. You look so lovely in that photo! Looks like a very nice scarf. Your quilting looks great, can't wait to see the whole quilt. LOVE your fabric acquisitions. I still haven't got my hands on any architectures...and as someone that was in the boy scouts (for realz, I found a loop hole!) for many, many years I love the topography fabric!

  6. Scarf looks great on you! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! xo

  7. My brain is scattered with projects all the time, so I hear ya there! I love the quilting on the mystery project, can't wait to see more! That pic with the scarf is so pretty, you look so happy!

  8. beautiful scarf - really suits you :-) And yardage of architextures - so lucky!

  9. oohh! pretty oakshotts! and love the architextures! Tis the season to overextend ourselves, of course- you have so many great things going on. and I love the blue/brown modern block!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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