Saturday, December 7, 2013

A letter to Pantone, with love

Dear Pantone,
I'm writing to thank you for your AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL choice of the Color of the Year - Radiant Orchid.

I've adored purple for as long as I can remember (over every other color). Constantly, I search for purple shirts, purple accessories, and especially purple fabric - and too often, I'm disappointed. You've given me faith!

Have I mentioned how much I love purple? I made my Made In Cherry quilt with purple and gray (Flying Purple People Eater). I also went on a purple-finding binge when I planned my fall wedding  - ombre purple bridesmaid dresses for my favorite gals, and I made matching clutches to go with them. Oh, and I wore purple shoes, too. :)

Your announcement only made me more excited about all the purple-y possibilities of the next year! Here's my stash of purples right now (favorites in front):

In the video you posted, your executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, said that wearing purple makes you feel more "creative" and "innovative." Purple "draws you in." I can definitely agree with that. Well said. Thumbs way, way up.

Some newer fabrics are already highlighting purple, like Joel Dewberry's Bungalow (P.S. - did you all know my friend Christa is having a huge blowout sale, this included?? Click on the pictures to be taken to her website - shameless promotion :))

Joel Dewberry Bungalow Swallow Study Lavender

Heather Bailey's Lottie Da has some cute purple, too! Also, I'm drooling over the purples in Anna Maria Horner's True Colors (which just arrived in my mailbox because I've been stalking online stores for it  accidentally). I got mine from The Intrepid Thread on Black Friday sale.

(The Field Study voile from the side is a new purchase from Hawthorne Threads - it was a fabric avalanche around here! It's about time!).

 Anyway, you totally made my week, Pantone. More purple in the world is ALWAYS a good thing in my book!


P.S. What do you all think of the color of the year? Any comments against the color purple will be swiftly deleted (I kid, I kid!).
P.S.S. The next Sewing With Certainty linky party will be up tomorrow! This week we're discussing how to approach new patterns and concepts. Join us, please :)


  1. Don't you be deleting this now.....BUT I am not a huge purple fan. Although with the coming of a girl to my family and soooo much pink I may start liking it more! I do like the new trend or rather the one I am seeing lately of purple paired with gold/yellow tones. That is one pretty combo for sure! I think this year was green right? I was kind of into that,but eh...maybe purple will tug at me a lot more than green;)

  2. I'm a huge purple fan, but this one is too pinky for me. I crave darker variations. I'm hoping that a few darker shades will show up as well.

  3. <3 purple, though in general I go for the richer colors.

  4. Hi Jessica! Beautiful photos! I love purple - now and then. Now it's again my favourite and I will be happy to see it so much around next year! Your fabrics are adorable! x Teje

  5. For many years, my favourite colour was red. My "going away outfit" was red, my bridesmaids carried red flowers (my mum wouldn't let me have red dresses), the flowers on our wedding cake were red. Oh yes, the dress I wore to our engagement party was red too. But as I've grown older, red is too strong a colour and I have come to favour purple; so if that's the colour of 2014, I'm a happy quilter!

  6. I've been looking for purple shoes for a couple years now - maybe I'll be able to find some in a month or two. Purple is also my favorite color, painted my sewing room purple too!

  7. I adore purple too! This got me thinking of organizing a radiant orchid charm swap...wouldn't that be fun!?

  8. What a fun post - I'm excited about this color and now that I see it all here I know why! Love the shoe idea, hadn't heard of writing on the bottom.

  9. I love the color choice! I also really loved Emerald this year. :)

  10. I agree with Ella. I LOVE purple (had purple hair in high school!) and I'm happier about this than orange and "emerald" (seriously, that green this year was not really "emerald" am I right?), but I wish it was a tad less pink and deeper. Still, sooo many great purple ideas are brewing thinking of all the gorgeous fabric that will be designed around this!


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