Sunday, July 15, 2012

Surprise bridal shower =D

Yesterday was my surprise bridal shower. And yes, there were crafts involved!

The bridal party!

I've never been thrown a surprise party before, and I had been wondering when it would be for a while.

They tricked me well, though - my friend Amy took me out to breakfast and then stalled me by taking me to Target (where I proceeded to take about 20 pictures of books I want to take out from the library). I was tired, though, and I was hoping to go home, go to the gym, and then go out with Ris to buy some wedding crafty things. Obviously none of that happened :D

I was a tough cookie, and I was suspicious all morning, but the suspicion kept going away. My dad even moved all the cars to a parking lot nearby in order to throw me off.

Good thing I had a dress ready :)

Now for the crafty stuff... my friend and bridesmaid Melissa made the ribbon veil as I opened my gifts! Who knew that Bed Bath and Beyond had such pretty dark purple ribbons?

Thanks to Pinterest for the clothespins idea! I was originally going to do this for the wedding, but my family already did the work for me :)

Marisa cut out little hearts for people to write advice on. Such a cute idea, and something I will be putting in my scrapbook :)

I saw the invitations later. They used stamps and colored them in. Cute and simple!

Finally... Can you BELIEVE this is what the sewing room looked like??!?!?! You can still see my fabric piled up high in the corner though, lol. This place was a disaster zone when I left in the morning!

I am so grateful for an amazing party and all the beautiful people in my life!!
Getting close now... less than 85 days!


  1. That is an awesome surprise!! You have some really sweet friends.

  2. A most excellent surprise, really sweet of your friends. Congratulations on the engagement!

  3. What fun! I've never been to a surprise bridal shower, only surprise birthdays. Your friends and family had so many nice decorations for your party. They must have been secretly busy when you weren't watching! Best Wishes to you as a future bride.

  4. That is so cool!! Looks like you had a great time!!


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