Monday, May 7, 2012

Show and Tell Monday

A lot has been going on!

-Got a beautiful swap package from my friend Sara (go visit her - she's wonderful :) ). We told each other some of our favorite fabric lines. It was so much fun to shop for someone else and wait in suspense to see what she picked for me!! 

Good Fortune, pearl bracelets, and Half Moon Modern. I am so stoked.

She also included a very thoughtful card, which I am saving, and a tin of dark chocolates, as well as a huge pile of purple scraps. I'm in heaven! Thank you SO much, Sara!!!

-View of the living room - piecing the back of my purple star quilt (it's going to change today)

-View of the sewing dining room... as I work on a secret mini quilt...

A mess as usual

-Finished a ribbed cowl for the fall - my first time knitting this way. It was fun and pretty relaxing once I got the hang of it!

Worn two ways:


I can't wait to wear it in the fall!

-Graduation cap under construction! No pictures yet, but later this week for sure.

-This week is huuuuge - I have a final interview for a teaching job (!!!!!) and graduation on Friday, as well as much substitute teaching and babysitting in between. Stay tuned for my graduation post and other quilty things coming up!

And just for giggles... "Marisa, give me the camera"

(P.S. Sorry for soooo many exclamation points this post - I guess I'm pretty excited about things :))

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  1. Final interview (you got it girl!)and graduation (just smile and look pretty and know that you accomplished SO much) that is BIG!!!

    Very pleased that you like your gifts:)


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