Saturday, May 12, 2012

New sewing machine recommendations?

I'm hoping my readers can help me... I'm in the market to buy a new sewing machine! Wahoo! For those who don't know, I currently sew on a very basic Brother machine, which I picked up two years ago when I started sewing. With some of my graduation money (most of it is going in savings for my loans), I want to make this one purchase. Those four years of hard work are starting to pay off ;)

Dream machines: Bernina 440 but really 820 (this is just from initial research)

My main requirements: 1. Quilting table/extension
2. Included feet, including free motion and walking foot
3. Use mainly for quilting and piecing (not embroidery)
4. Probably won't use TONS of decorative stitches, but who knows.
5. Large area right of the needle
(not too many requirements really!)

Does anyone have a machine they would recommend, or a brand? Even if it's more than I want to spend, I'll take any suggestions right now, because I've never bought a really legit sewing machine! Please and thank you!

Update: Initial gut feeling for this machine (Brother PQ1500S). Thoughts?

A graduation photo. It was a beautiful day and I couldn't have asked for more support from my family, friends, and professors! I will be giving the blog a new look soon, too.


  1. I've had great luck with my Janome and Elna' local quilty friends all sing praises of Bernina, but I've never sewn on one.

  2. Janome MC6500 is what I have and I ENJOY IT IMMENSELY!! Janomes are a sure thing all day long! Seriously.

    You look so pretty and pleased in you graduation attire---you go girl!!!

  3. I, too, want to buy a machine at the end of the year so I saved this blog article:

    She later does a follow-up on which one she bought and why. I thought she had some really good points. I don't know what your price point is but maybe you'll glean some facts from it.

  4. I have a Janome Horizen that I bought used last year. I have been extremely happy with it. I am learning to machine quilt and it has a very deep neck. Lots of extra feet to use and just overall such a great machine. Good luck in your search. I wanted a Bernina also, but do not regret my decision to buy this one.

  5. I have the Bernina 440QE. It is a dream machine. I love sewing on it. I've had very few problems. I wish it had a wider sewing harp for free motion quilting. I know they are expensive but they are a dependable machine. I had other sewing machine brands prior to this purchase but the straight stitch isn't as perfect as it is on the Bernina. The CB Hook on the 5.5m machines makes a perfect stitch. I know they are discontinuing the 440 but you can get some fantastic deals on them right now. I think rumor has it that Bernina will be releasing a new series at Bernina University this summer. The 7 series. The machines are rumored to have wider sewing harps without all of the bells and whistles.

  6. I have a Brother PQ1500S on my quilting frame. You do know it is a straight stitch only machine (no zigzag, etc), don't you? I have a Janome Memory Craft 6600 which came with all the features you mentioned. I am very happy with it.

  7. Hi Jess: I have the Bernina 440 and LOVE it!! It's five years old and I've put a ton of sewing milage on it - for sure. Check out the local quilt shows that have local vendors attending. You sometimes will find that they have show specials! Congratulations on your graduation and have fun trying out all the machines!


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